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WebCamShot is a simple but practical webcam grabbing tool that can be used to take snapshots of the computer’s webcam and save them to your computer. With its minimalist design, the software makes it easy to use and configures itself for everyone.

MochiMedia isn’t an app that’s meant to take snapshots from your webcam, and the low-fi interface isn’t all that appealing. However, it may be a perfect fit for those with basic photo editing needs.
The app installs fine and the interface is fairly easy to use. You simply click the “Take Snapshot” button, choose the file format and directory for saving the snapshot and let the app take care of the rest. The entire process takes less than a minute.
You can make minor adjustments to the resulting image after it’s been saved. Clicking on the thumbnail on the desktop will open the image in Windows Photo Viewer, allowing you to make minor adjustments to the image’s contrast, brightness and color saturation. It’s also possible to crop the image using a number of preset locations.
The design isn’t pretty, but that can be a bonus for some people. Most of the interface is grey-colored and sparse, although the Save icon can be found at the bottom left. This icon opens a context menu that includes the usual Image | Backup | Zip option and additional editing options.
The app saves images in various formats, including JPG, BMP and PNG.
The program’s interface isn’t exactly stunning, but it’s functional and easily navigable.Q:

What are some good resources for building and maintaining a website with Typescript

I am currently reading “Learn TypeScript the Hard Way”. For the past week I have been trying to build a small website with TypeScript and have run into lots of trouble. For example, in section 16 it tells me to use the following line of code:

It then continues to tell me that when you put that in your code, the program will spit out a bunch of error messages. And I have been trying to figure out what this error means. So now, I have a bunch of errors and no clue what they mean.
It also suggests to me that the “exports” keyword should be used in order to make a module a separate unit of code. My code is sitting in a javascript file, not a typescript file. When I do that eea19f52d2


✦ iTunes Helper is easy to use and setup.
✦ You can pause, play, stop iTunes from system lock.
✦ You can pause iTunes in system lock.
✦ You can stop iTunes after some time.
✦ You can associate actions with hot keys.
✦ iTunes Helper supports application pause function.
✦ You can pause iTunes when launching an application.

For troubleshooting issues with iTunes:
– iTunes Helper logs all the settings of iTunes and help you recover iTunes from problems.
– Automatically send feedback to help us improve iTunes Helper.
– Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 32-bit/64-bit.

Download iTunes Helper for PC full version from Softonic: Windows download

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