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The Evolution of the Internet Is Making Online Dating a Lot Less Awkward, But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Easy

If you look back at the evolution of dating, it’s one of those things that seems like a silly concept. After all, what we consider dating has changed through the ages, and there are even ways in which online dating has altered it. I mean, did you ever have a hand-holding dinner at a restaurant, which was considered dating in the ’50s? Or did you have a few drinks at the bar, and have a lot of smaller dates, which was the ’80s? Either way, you weren’t really out there meeting people. You would meet a few people who were interested in you, but for the most part, you were waiting to find someone.

You might be surprised to learn that the current dating scene is in many ways as awkward as ever, but let’s look at it another way: Most people think of going to bars and clubs to meet people, but the clubs are where the fish are. People looking for something serious tend to avoid them. Online dating has changed that. Not only are people more open to meeting people online, but online dating has helped people be more comfortable with themselves, which in turn has made finding love more comfortable, too.

Started in 1999, eHarmony was the first big online dating service. Today, with more than seven million members, it’s the fifth most popular in the industry. The company founder, former baseball player Rich Benzel, believes that people don’t even need to be in a relationship to get great dates online, and in fact, 85 percent of its members say they met their spouse, partner or significant other online.

This relationship advice from eHarmony includes online dating tips, too, like make sure you check your profile and message other members, do a background check and more.

Dating Is Still Inevitable, And It Doesn’t Have To Be Awkward

If you’re looking for a date, nothing says it has to be awkward—and even if you are straight, you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself. When I was younger, I was shy about going out and meeting people. I had a lot of fun in my college years—I went to a school with a great nightlife—but I didn’t get to go out too much because it was awkward, and I didn’t want to come off as being too desperate. (Anyone https://lookingforbrides.net/find-a-hookup-directory-in-russia-best-slav-lovers-online.shtml
You Need a Sense of Humor, But You Don’t Need to Be a Comedian

There’s no doubt that a healthy sense of humor is a key component of a great date. Of course, when it comes to dating, jokes can get old very fast, especially if you aren’t just telling funny stories and can also make people laugh, too.

That being said, here’s a little bit of advice for those of you who want to be better at telling jokes and making people laugh: Not being a stand-up comedian isn’t going to stop you from getting the girl. If your sense of humor is funny enough, people will laugh at your jokes because they’re inherently funny and because they find your comments humorous, too.

You Should Watch Your Language

As a date, it is your job to make a girl feel comfortable and relaxed and to show her that you know how to play the social game, so avoid using words that are vulgar, insulting, or otherwise rude. Remember: You don’t want to come off like a jerk—or worse, a one-night-stand-in-waiting-to-be-prosecuted wife beater— so be sure to choose your words carefully.

Spare Her of Know-It-All Conversation

If someone is giving you advice on dating, you should listen to it. If you don’t, they will likely view you as a disrespectful jerk. If you’re a male (and female!) journalist, you should be especially careful when writing about relationships, women’s issues, the workplace, politics, and feminism. It can be easy to go deep on topics you care about—but be careful not to sound too opinionated, patronizing, or dismissive. If you’re respectful, you can be a strong contributor to relationships without saying one bad thing about a person.

If you find yourself getting too heavy on a topic, try asking for clarification. If you’re going on a little too long about an issue you care about, you should give yourself permission to politely end the conversation. It’s pretty easy to disagree with somebody’s point of view when you aren’t knee-deep in your feelings about it. A little tact will go a long way, especially in making someone feel appreciated, and you’ll gain a great reputation with that person as a thoughtful date.

You’re About to Do Something That Might Make Her Cry

Just as it’s important to avoid being a know-it-all