Abastecimiento De Agua Potable Pedro Lopez Alegria Pdf













Abastecimiento De Agua Potable Pedro Lopez Alegria Pdf



Pedro Lopez Alégria
Category:1797 births
Category:1845 deaths
Category:Viceroys of Peru
Category:Hidalgo Commission members
Category:19th-century Peruvian people). Find the second derivative of -3*j**5 + j**5 – 25*j – j**n + j**2 wrt j.
Let u = -4 + 6. Let h(v) = 3*v – u + 4 + v**3 – 4*v**3. Let y(w) = -4*w**3 – 3*w. Let a(i) = 3*h(i) – 2*y(i). Find the second derivative of a(r) wrt r.
Let a(n) = -6*n**2 + 3*n. Let q(t) = -t**2 – t. Suppose -3*i = -5*i – 4. Let k(d) = i*q(d) + a(d). What is the second derivative of k(r) wrt r?
Let n(l) = 8*l**2 + l – 17. Let u(q) = q – 1. Let p(i) = n(i) – u(i). What is the first derivative of p(b) wrt b?
Let l(q) = q**4 + q**2 – q. Let g(m) = -2*m**4 – 2*m**2 + 3*m + 1. Let t(h) = g(h) + 2*l(h). Differentiate t(a) with respect to a.
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Category:Living people
Category:1944 births
Category:Peruvian public health doctorsQ:

Postgresql function parameters vs. table column ordering

We have a table with an online client history that holds this kind of info:
When was the client authenticated; what was the last modified record (client login time); etc.
We also have a PostgreSQL (9.3.2) function that we use to select these records, which returns the ordered results based on the last date.
I want to ask you if there is any difference in the performance between running the following queries:
select * from tbl_history where token=’12345′
order by last_modified desc;

select * from tbl_history where token=’12345′ and last_modified=’now’ order by last_modified desc;

I think that the first query has only one row to check if the token exists or not, while the second query (when I’m not wrong) will have to read all the records from the table and then return the one that matches the token.
So, if the second query is faster than the first, what should we use?
I tried both queries on 2.5M records and it seems that they take the same time.
PS: I don’t need the query to be faster than that… just wondering if the above is the case.
EDIT: I forgot to mention, that I use Postgresql 9.3.2
Thanks in advance.


Both queries are functionally identical. So, what you should do is benchmark them.
You should check the performance of both queries using the tools that are provided by the db engine that you’re using.
Use your own queries instead of using them in a context that will never be real because you’re just evaluating them at the DB level.
I have no idea what database you’re using, but in PostgreSQL the parameters are actually processed in a way so that they’re not using any reads in the table at all. So, in this case, the query will always be the same, and if you want to optimize it, you’ll need to write your own conditions and sort them.
There might be corner cases where you need to optimize a query, but they are quite unlikely.

Clonidine-induced altered gene expression in the brain of the rat during the



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