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It looks like you need to get more information from the user in order to filter your list.
The user has deleted their account and hence the session has been terminated so you need to look at all the information available to you to see if there is a record of them when they logged on.
For example the log record for their first login (which is the only one available to you) has details of their browser type. So if you can see that they were using Internet Explorer you can filter by that and get only results where the user was not using that browser.
If that doesn’t help then you would need to see if you can access their account to see which items they have created in the past and filter by those.
But unfortunately there’s no way to do that in the current version of google documents.
I’ll suggest you create a new project in a different app (like Google Drive) and then transfer your documents to that and there maybe a way to get your existing data into the new project. But as you’ve said it’s not really an ideal solution.

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