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Among the more popular uses for Photoshop are digital art, graphic design, photography, web page design, layout design and video editing. It is an invaluable tool for high-quality professional-level editing. However, that is not to say that Photoshop is only for professional use. In fact, many brands with a small budget already use Photoshop since it is an affordable alternative to other high-end software. In fact, due to a lower price tag, many users choose Photoshop over more expensive competing brands.

Adobe Photoshop Features

In this article, we will detail the most significant Photoshop features. To make it easier to read the more complex features, we will focus on the capabilities of each tool, rather than a list of all the tools.

Photoshop Tools

When creating a photo or image in Photoshop, you can use a variety of tools to create your own effects.

The more common tools you might use are known as a toolbox. These tools are what allow you to make the edits, adjustments and adjustments to your image.

You will find the toolbox to the left in all of the programs you use.

Many programs have similar tools, but Photoshop differs from other programs.

1. Brush

The Brush is a toolset for drawing freehand in a graphics program. You can make numerous selections in a range of different types of media.

In Photoshop, the Brush is used for editing photographs, creating images, creating maps and using it in graphics design. You can use it to create images that have the same look as the original photo.

Photoshop brushes work by scanning the original photo and converting it into a mathematical form that the software can use to interpolate (fill in the in-between or missing pixels).

An example of using the Brush:

The brush’s sample size determines how many pixels your image will take up, and the sampling distance is determined by the width of your brush. Set your sampling distance to 250, and set your brush size to 50.

When you use the Brush, you can use opacity to selectively edit areas of your image. This lets you make subtle adjustments to your image that might otherwise be difficult to do.

2. Pencil

The Pencil is the simplest tool in the toolbox, and is used for creating a freehand image. You can also draw around text or shapes to make them into editable text.

You can use the Pencil to create digital

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In this article we are going to do a comparison between the digital photography edition of Adobe Photoshop Elements and the professional version, along with a tutorial on how to use the Photoshop Elements Editor to enhance your photos.

We’ll compare Photoshop Elements Edition to the professional version directly by using the same photos and comparing them side by side. We’ll show you what you can do in Photoshop Elements and how it compares.

We’ll take screenshots from real examples of Photoshop Elements and the Photoshop Editor directly.

You can see the product sites from where you can download each version and links to official tutorials and the official help pages.

If you aren’t sure whether you should go with Photoshop Elements or the traditional Photoshop, take a look at our 6 best Photoshop alternatives for Digital Photography.

Why use Photoshop Elements?

1) It’s cheaper than Photoshop

The Photoshop Elements version is far cheaper than the traditional version of Photoshop and even cheaper than the Mac Elements version.

2) It’s for photographers and amateur graphic designers

The software is targeted towards photographers, graphic designers, web designers and hobbyists.

It includes many tools used by these professionals. For example, it has a bunch of different effects and tools like Photo Merger, Image Merger, Image Adjust, Smart Paint, Effects, Toolbox, Pattern Replacer, Match Color, and other tools.

3) It’s easy to use

This is what the Photoshop Elements website says: “We’re big fans of the power and simplicity of Photoshop, but sometimes you just want a little dose of brain bleach. Now there’s an easy way to get just that. Photoshop Elements has all the editing power of Photoshop in a simplified user interface.“

So, you might say, with elements, you can learn Photoshop in less time.

4) It’s very easy to learn

The Photoshop Elements website contains an excellent learning curve. You can check out the elements online tutorial that shows you how to work with the program using the built-in tutorials and even videos.

5) It offers more built-in photo filters

Photoshop Elements is a lot more complete than traditional Photoshop. It includes several image filters in the Edit menu: Photo Merger, Photo Filter, Photo Enhancer, 3D Effects, Reflection, 3D Photo Effects, Lightbox and Darkbox, Lens

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