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* Visit `` to view tutorials for beginners.
* For more advanced users, check out Photoshop CS6: A Hands-On Guide from Robert Lewin for more in-depth information.

# Working in Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful image-editing program that includes so much more than just photo retouching, as you can see in the following pages. As with any good software, you can use Photoshop for many types of image manipulations. For example, you can use it to blend images, create and work with composites, create web graphics, simulate design schemes for printed materials, and even learn how to use some of the program’s more creative features. This section helps you get up to speed with Photoshop.

## Choosing a Tool

Photoshop has dozens of tools for image manipulation, including Retouch tool, Puppet Warp, Burn, and Filter. You can use all of these tools, but which one do you need? Selecting the right tool depends on the specific part of the image you’re editing. If you’re color correcting a photo or adding a collage element, you want the Retouch tool because it edits photos in one click and lets you control which colors change.

If you’re creating a creative graphic or working on web graphics, you want the Filter tool because it provides a lot more control and allows you to change just about any aspect of the image that you want to change.

Other tools are useful, but they can be overwhelming to use at first. For example, the Puppet Warp tool works well for special effects or morphing, but it can be confusing to use because it doesn’t allow you to see all of the results until you’ve completed the editing process.

Although you can use many tools, they often work best when you use them together. For example, the Puppet Warp tool lets you alter the shape and position of images in Photoshop. You can apply the Warp filter to the original image or to a copy of the original.

## Getting to Know the Layers

In Photoshop, an image consists of layers. A layer is a document that you can manipulate in any way you want. Layers can be masked, distorted, edited, or deleted. You can change the order of the layers, add more or delete them all, and even give the layers new names. When you’re working on multiple layers, you can create a new group of layers that act

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Image via Pixabay.

Buying Photoshop Elements

Elements 2018 is currently only available on the Mac platform. The previous version was discontinued in 2017.

You can purchase the current version directly from the Adobe website. However, if you want to save money, many third party retailers offer special discounts and offer free shipping.

They include:

Photoshop Alternatives:

Café Colour

The first thing you need to do when you first open Elements is to rename the program. This will help you to keep tabs on all of your images and give you a better idea of which ones you need to work with and which one you should move onto next.

Renaming Photoshop

You are free to call the program whatever you like, but the standard name is Photoshop Elements. If you don’t rename your program, you will not be able to track your images and it will be much harder to find them. You can also add descriptive titles to each image to make your own specialized search function.

Once you have renamed your program, you will see the most recent images you have uploaded and those you have added in recent months. If you are looking for a specific image, use the search function to find it. You can view the full size of any image by double-clicking on it.

Elements also has specific image organizing features. For example, you can see all of the images where you have applied a specific filter or effect such as a blur or emboss. If you have too many images to keep track of easily in the Organizer, you can add more folders to help organize them into more manageable groupings.

Photoshop Elements adds a number of view modes to help you organize your images based on their sizes. You can view all of your images at their original resolutions, thumbnail sizes, small sizes and large sizes.

Elements also allows you to import images from other digital cameras and photo archives such as Flickr, Facebook, Instagram or Canvas+. This is useful when you have an abundance of images from a trip or vacation and you want to keep them all together.

Adobe Elements Features:

The Presets and Filter features are where you can do some of your most popular editing adjustments in Photoshop Elements. You will be able to adjust things like Sharpening, Smoothing, Exposure, Contrast, Gradient and HSL/Color Balance. Some of these features will need to be unlocked by accessing

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# Previewing the multiple file backup

In the Menu bar, choose File -> Store Backup -> Preview.

On the next page, choose the images you wish to preview, and then select a viewing mode.

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System Requirements:

Compatibility: Windows 7 (SP1), Vista, Windows Server 2003 R2 (SP1)
Hard disk: minimum 1GB
Processor: 1.8GHz
Video: DirectX 9.0c
Sound: DirectX 9.0c
Input: Keyboard, mouse
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Software: Internet Explorer 9.0
In The Direct3D SDK, Direct3D 10.1 is supported, and in Direct3D 10.1a, Direct3D 11.