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The first step for getting started with Photoshop is to either download the free trial version or purchase the software. However, before you do that, here are some things that you should know first about how to use Photoshop.

Getting Started With Photoshop

Photoshop has the typical list of features that you would expect in any illustration software package and it does not disappoint. Its interface is clean, intuitive, and interactive.

This software is versatile and in many ways, the only option for users of the latest desktop computers. However, Photoshop can be difficult to learn if you do not have the experience of a pro user who has developed an expertise with the program.

The default settings of this software are to be user friendly and easy to use. The program is mostly automated and most of the options can be set to the default.

However, if you want to use Photoshop for professional work, you need to know about all the features and how they operate. To use Photoshop effectively, you should be comfortable working in layers and know how to use each feature of the program well.

Aside from that, you should also be able to figure out which settings to choose and how to actually achieve the desired result.

To get started, it’s recommended that you choose a template that will help you learn how to operate Photoshop. Templates can come in various sizes and formats for you to choose from.

Here are a few examples of designs that you can use when you first start Photoshop for easy learning and practice.

Photoshop Templates

Because of the variety of templates available, here is a list of the most popular Photoshop templates. When you’re setting up Photoshop, the first thing you need to do is to choose a template.

In this list, you can find the themes that range from free and customizable to those that are paid. These templates enable you to use the very latest features.


If you are wondering how to use Photoshop, there are many tutorials that explain how to use Photoshop in ways that are easy to understand.

These are some of the most popular tutorials online and are usually free. Tutorials usually explain the basics and teach you how to use Photoshop in different ways.

Here are the top Photoshop tutorials online.

#1: Advanced Photoshop Tutorial

At Mastering Photoshop, they teach how to create a Photoshop tutorial that can be used for free. The tutorial explains in detail how you can use some of

Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0.1) Patch With Serial Key Free Download [Updated-2022]

Every image on this page has been created in Photoshop Elements.

This Photoshop tutorial will teach you all the features of Photoshop elements you need to create your best graphic designs. After learning how to work in Photoshop Elements, you may decide that you want to go full-fledged with Photoshop. This tutorial is intended to serve as a starting point for you to discover the various tools, modes, and shortcuts that will make you a much better graphic designer.

1. Basic Elements

I. How To Use The Photoshop Elements Filter Gallery

The Photo Filter Type section of the Filter Gallery.

The Photo Filter Type section of the Filter Gallery is where you can find a collection of pre-designed filters to use as graphic templates. You will need to click on a photo twice. First to bring up the Photoshop Elements Filter Gallery:

Second, to bring up the Photo Filter Type section:

To explore the Photo Filter Type section, click the Play button. You will be taken to a page with many filters. The filters are listed in the rows, starting from left to right, top to bottom. For each filter, you will see a number next to it. The number is how many times you would need to apply that particular filter to achieve the desired result. For example, the first filter, Robert Hamilton Graphics, has a number of 2 next to it. That means that you would need to double-click the image to activate the filter twice.

Using filter templates

Photo Filter Type section of the Filter Gallery.

As you use the filters, you will notice that your image will appear different from the original. If you are new to Photoshop Elements and want a quick way to apply your own filter, this is a good place to start. You will notice some of the filters will give you a larger preview. This is because you are using a template filter rather than using the filter with the image directly. When you find a filter you like, double-click on it to take you back to the “Photo Filter Type” section:

II. Basic Tools

TIP: For new users, because Photoshop Elements and Elements have many of the same features, we recommend using Photoshop Elements over Photoshop for beginners. If you have Photoshop experience, there are many areas where Photoshop and Photoshop Elements differ, which we will explore later in the tutorial.

A. Layers and Transparency

You should click on the Layers button at the bottom of the main screen

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The Curves tool can be used to adjust the brightness and contrast of an image, either for a global effect or in specific areas.
The Pen Tool offers various possibilities for drawing on an image, as well as creating ‘path’ artwork.
The Gradient tool creates a gradation of colors, essentially creating a rainbow effect.
The Healing Brush is a tool for removing objects from an image or ‘healing’ damaged areas.
The Gradient tool can also be used to apply a gradient to a specific area. The Gradient tool can be used in two ways:
The Type tool is another pen tool similar to the Pen tool.
The Gradient tool can be used with any other tools that have a type of blur effect (Filter > Blur > Blur).
It is possible to change the settings of the Windows or Favorites toolbox.
The Windows or Favorites toolbox is a toolbox where you can find most of the tools that are available in Photoshop, such as the Pen tool, the Brush tool, the Gradient tool, etc.
The Windows or Favorites toolbox appears at the bottom of the Photoshop user interface, similar to a task bar.
The toolbox can be accessed through any tool by going to Edit > Preferences > Windows or Favorites and then clicking Add or Remove Toolbox Items.
You can move around the toolbox by using the mouse. You can also click on the X icon in the bottom right corner to remove an item from the toolbox.
You can manage the order of the tools in the toolbox by dragging and dropping them into the toolbox.
The view menu gives you three options to view the elements of the current selected tool.
The Show icon shows you which brush/pen is currently active and you can change between the different types of tools.
The Units section allows you to manually change the units, or measurement, of a tool.
The Size section allows you to manually change the size of the tool.
The Type section shows you the type of brush/pen.
The Shape section shows you the shape of the brush/pen.
The Color section allows you to manually change the color of the tool.
The Angle section allows you to manually change the angle of the brush/pen.
The Size of the brush/pen controls the width of the stroke and the size of the brush/pen.
The Stroke of the brush/pen controls the width of the stroke and the opacity

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System Requirements:

CPU: Intel i5-4590, AMD Ryzen 3 1300X
HDD: 45 GB free space
Graphics: ATI Radeon RX 560 or NVIDIA GTX 750 or AMD RX 580 or AMD RX Vega56
This list is for the Google Chrome version of the application. If you have a different version, download the version that’s most similar to the one used in this guide.
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