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SketchPad is a powerful and simple drawing program that is a useful tool for learning how to draft a design idea. SketchPad is a program that will show you how to capture a design idea and how to produce graphics that are clean, smooth, and precise.

SketchPad is easy to use for drawing simple circles, curves, and rectangles. It’s great for someone just learning how to draw.

SketchPad is similar to the Microsoft drawing program Microsoft Paint, and it’s also similar to Paint and Paint.NET.

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You can filter images in Elements according to the date, locations and subjects of photos, there are various Art filters that you can apply to images. Some of the features are:

Simple, fast and easy to use.

Editing is done directly on the images without having to open another application.

Good-looking images can be created by the supported, intuitive and easy to use filters.

You can export the images into various formats.

Price: Free

Rating: 7.5/10



2. Canva

Canva is an online website that allows you to create beautiful designs for multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, etc. It is free for personal use with a premium option available for commercial and professional use. All your designs need to be backed up on Canva Cloud so you can access your designs even if you’re offline. If you’re a blogger you can generate multiple pages and posts from one template.

You can customize any image that you already have. With Canva you can:

Create your own graphics and logos;

Create backgrounds for your images or videos;

Use templates that are pre-made for specific graphics such as business cards, cover letters, stickers, etc.;

Canva allows you to add text and colors to the images. You can also add a photo to the Canva logo, so the image it shows will be equal to the logo. Adding a photo to your design requires adding a license to Canva. Canva saves all the designs that you create.

You can export the designs in JPG, PNG, PDF, or SVG formats.

Price: Free

Rating: 8.4/10



3. Pixlr

Pixlr is a free, open-source application that converts images to the format you want. It can create JPG, PNG and GIF images. The images can be edited and saved. It has various filter options for simple editing. You can also remove unwanted portions such as backgrounds, text, or entire photos.

You can add or delete any photo from the images. It also allows you to edit photos to convert it into vector. The images can then be edited with the brush tool. You can resize or rotate the images.

Pixlr has various color filters,

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0.2):

Windows Vista or later
1GHz Processor (Mobile phone optional)
512MB RAM (Mobile phone optional)
16MB Flash memory (Mobile phone optional)
How to Play:
STEP 1 Start any of the following games from your home page (e.g.
Play I, Coraline
Play I, Drowning In Darkness
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Play I, Frantic
STEP 2 Once you have completed the game, click the