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With a photo project beginning, odds are you’ll need a few ways to manipulate images. Even with Photoshop’s built-in features, you may need to enhance the brightness or contrast of an image. Perhaps you will also need to retouch the entire image and remove any unwanted elements or add new elements. That’s where Photoshop Elements comes in. It’s a great tool for beginners, but just as powerful for photographers with more experience.

Configuring Photoshop Elements

Before you use Photoshop Elements to make photos, you must first configure it for your computer. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Choose Photoshop Elements⇒Preferences.

The Preferences dialog box opens. (Refer to Figure 3-2.)

You can also configure Photoshop Elements by using the Edit⇒Preferences dialog box.

2. Choose the application settings for Photoshop Elements, as shown in Figure 3-2.

The default settings used for Photoshop Elements on the computer you are using may differ from these settings. The settings you choose here determine how various aspects of Photoshop Elements will function.

In Figure 3-2, for example, the settings that have been automatically selected are for Photoshop Elements to create images.

3. Click OK when you’re done and Photoshop Elements opens.

Photoshop Elements opens with a minimal display of the thumbnails of images saved in the computer. These images appear in a single folder at the root of the computer. After you save a new image, it appears in this folder. You can access the thumbnails in this folder by clicking the Photoshop Elements icon on the Windows desktop. To view the thumbnails of all images in the folder, click All Documents in the folder’s open window, as shown in Figure 3-3.

**Figure 3-2:** You can configure the basic settings for Photoshop Elements to suit your specific needs.

**Figure 3-3:** The All Documents view lets you see all images saved on your computer.

4. To open any image, double-click the thumbnail, or select it from the Views list.

An image appears in the main Photoshop Elements window, as shown in Figure 3-4. When you open an image, it appears in the upper-left corner of the window.

You can rearrange the thumbnail images in the window by using the Viewing Options, as described later in this chapter, or by using the View menu.

To save the

Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 [32|64bit] [2022]

The software was first introduced in 2008. It is the successor of Elements 8, 6 and 5.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful and well-known desktop image editing programs. It is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It has various professional-level features and a flexible layout.

The software can be used to create high-resolution print, image retouching and graphic design.

The software is available as a bundle with the Adobe Creative Cloud. You can buy Photoshop individually from Adobe.

What is the Photoshop Elements software?

Adobe Photoshop Elements offers you some of the features of Adobe Photoshop, but at a much smaller price.

This means that you can work with high-resolution images and print quality. This software is ideal for graphic design, web designing, and image retouching.

What is the difference between the Photoshop Elements software and Adobe Photoshop?

The software features are similar between the two:

The tools that are present are Text, Format, Crop, Perspective, Sharpen, Convert, and several more.

But, the user interface of the software is much different.

A screenshot of Adobe Photoshop Elements 20

Adobe Photoshop Elements 20 is completely different from Photoshop. It’s a simple, organized software with a sleek, user-friendly interface.

You can use both software to save and edit images on your computer.

The software has features for photography, graphic designing, and web designing.

Adobe Photoshop Elements includes the following apps:

The following benefits make this software different from the professional version of Photoshop:

Free of cost

Powered by Adobe

Works with a simple user interface

Capable of editing large images

Easy to use

No confusing professional-level software

We will discuss all the features of Photoshop Elements below:

What is the Photoshop Elements 20 full version?

Adobe Photoshop Elements 20 is a desktop image editor for designers, photographers and hobbyists.

The software is similar to Adobe Photoshop. You can use it to create high-quality images, retouch photos, and edit any type of images.

There are several tools available in this software.

The following photo editing tools are available in Photoshop Elements:

White balance



Channel mixer


Whole image


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
Processor: 800MHz P4 or higher recommended.
Memory: 1 GB RAM.
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space.
Graphics Card: 1 GB VRAM.
DirectX: 9.0c
Internet Connection: Broadband internet connection.
DVD-ROM: DirectX 9 capable media player.
Video Resolution: 1280×720 is preferred for the best experience.
Gameplay Requirements:
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/