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**Other Tools**

The options and controls in Photoshop include settings that are not similar to other editors. For example, you can alter the Image Size, quality, type of file (PNG, EPS, PSD), and more.

To access these various settings, use the Control Panel, as shown in the previous image. Figure 1-3 shows where you can find the controls for Image Size, Image Type, Image Quality, and more. Note that some settings, including the size and type options, are labeled differently for image types. The different color and type settings work in the same manner, so you’ll have to make sure you understand which settings you need to use in which situations. For example, different RGB files can be viewed and modified differently than TIFF images, so you must be aware of the color management settings that will work with the file type. To get started, always launch a PSD file with a RGB or CMYK color space. This file will then have default settings

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What are the different elements of Photoshop?

Photoshop is a multifaceted digital tool. At its core, it is a photo editing tool that allows you to manipulate images, create new images, and share them with the world.

But beyond that, there are many other elements that make Photoshop into what it is: the operating system of graphic design. These include inks, fonts, workspace management and file management, as well as the file format.

To understand the principles of Photoshop we’ll first need to examine the elements that make it a graphic design system.

Using a browser to download the Photoshop file

We want to download the file to see how it works, so navigate to the Download Links section of this site and download the Photoshop file.

When the file has finished downloading you will need to open it in Photoshop, we can do this by opening it from the Downloads folder.




You will see this page when you open Photoshop CS6:

If you see this page then you have either not downloaded the Photoshop file or you are using a version of Photoshop prior to CS6. The Download Links page at the top-right of the Photoshop interface directs you to download the latest version of Photoshop.

You’ll see the Download Links page when you open Photoshop from the Applications folder.

Photoshop Elements is a much simpler application. Simply open the Photoshop Elements file and follow the prompts to start it up:

Image management

When you open Photoshop Elements, you will see the screen in the image below:

The Layers panel on the left-hand side shows all of the layers that make up the image.

A layer is like the building blocks of an image. You can add, move, crop, and move the individual blocks of an image to produce a new image.

You can move parts of the image by using the Move Tool (V) and the Move Tool Options (V).

There are three main ways to move layers in Photoshop.

To move an individual layer simply drag it to the new location. To move multiple layers you can select them (Menu: Select > Selection) and then move them by pressing the arrow keys. To move all of the layers at once you can choose Edit > Move Tool > Select All.

To move any individual layer simply click and hold the layer while you drag the layers to the new location.

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I have a problem in my microcontroller project

what is the problem is that this project is not able to stop the motor without reset or hard reset.. the motor is also not able to get started.. and when i say software reset my MC is reset and all the program runs perfectly, but I have used 3.3v and 5v power supply and If I use only 3.3V supply the micon appears, not starts?
I have used the CD4005 as a comparator.
please help..


The CD4005 is TTL compatible, so if you can control that over the serial, that should be fine.
You have a couple of options:

have your MCU send a RESET command to the CD4005 when you want to power off. You could “decide” what to do, either send a constant 0 which will keep it powered-down or send a 1 (which will keep it powered-up). Or anything in between if you want to put in your own logic.
have the MCU trigger the power-down at a given time, or every time a certain condition happens.

As for the lower power supply question, are you giving it enough power? Check the power rail specifications on the MCU datasheet and see how much current it really needs. As for how much, generally speaking with

What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20?


How does the “click to open PDF” work?

Like 99% of other users I have absolutely no clue how this “click to open PDF” feature works. But I really like it and I’m not even remotely in the tech niche, so I’d like to figure it out. I would also like to know how to enable it for other PDFs…
The user clicks on a PDF file and… nothing happens. If the user clicks again, the PDF opens in Adobe Reader, or some other application of the user’s choice.
Why is this functionality even possible? How does it know which application to use? How are you supposed to create such a custom functionality? Is it something built-in, like the default BMP thumbnail? Can I replicate it? If I can, is there documentation for how it works?


If you are using Firefox

Open about:config and search for pdf.click_to_open
For the value of pdf.click_to_open, choose firefox and replace firefox with whatever the value is under “document_url”
If you prefer the tool-tip instead of the in-page button, set the value for browser.show_pf_context_menu to false

If you are using IE

Open up explorer and create a file
Go to File -> Save As…
Enter a new file name for the file. This will be the “extension”.
Create a file with any other name you like (ex..xls,.htm or.html) and save it in the same folder as the file you created.
Right-click the file and choose “Open With”
Make sure there are no other applications listed.
Click the down-arrow next to “Use this as the default program”
Select “Internet Explorer” and click the OK button.

Now, if you click the file, it will open up in the browser.


Nested JSON Search in Python not returning all results

This is the JSON data I’m using (test.json)
“city”: {
“name”: “Boston”,
“state”: “MA”
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