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# **Episode 72**

**Drawing with the Pen and Touch Interface:**

* Learn the basics of using the Photoshop pen tool.
* Learn to draw using the pen in combination with the Draw and Pencil tools.
* Save art and drawings in Illustrator and Photoshop.

# **What You Will Learn**

The last 10 years of software development have seen the demise of Windows as the operating system for digital artists. With the introduction of the iPad and Windows 8, its future as the primary platform for all digital artists has become as uncertain as a Microsoft stock.

This is not a rant, by the way, but an opportunity for you to see how software development has changed over the last decade. Although software such as Photoshop is incompatible with the iPad and other smartphones, you will learn how to create your image manipulation using Photoshop’s pen tool and drawing abilities. You will also learn to save your image as an SVG file in Illustrator, which you can then import into Photoshop if you want to make additional edits.

We will also dig into some of the familiar default and custom brush settings.

# **Demystifying the Pen Tool**

The pen tool in Photoshop has become one of the most popular new tools in the last few years. It’s now super-easy to use because the interface is touch-based, unlike earlier versions that required a digital stylus to be used.

The pen tool itself is composed of a number of tools at the top of the toolbox. You can find the zoom tool, the Eraser tool, and a Convert tool. If you don’t see this toolbox, just right-click on the layer that contains the image and choose Layer→New→Pencil Strokes ( ). Let’s learn how to use this tool.

**Figure 1.1** : The new Photoshop pen tool

The pen tool (and most other tools in Photoshop) operates by grabbing the pixels that make up the selected area. This is why the tool behaves differently depending on which tool has been selected. For example, if you click the Eraser tool, you are actually erasing a path or path collection. This is because the path tool acts like a brush, choosing pixels and moving them around on the canvas. The Pen tool simply draws on the canvas.

Photoshop provides several options for drawing along

Adobe Photoshop CC Keygen For (LifeTime) [Latest]

This article will show you how to edit photos, create graphics from scratch and create pixel art in Elements 11.

With this guide you will learn how to:

Create a logo, banner or symbol in a few minutes

Make your own pixel art in Photoshop Elements

How to add a watermark to your photos

Create a custom Instagram profile background for any type of phone

Add a cartoon to your screenshots

Increase the resolution of your photos

Choose the best photos for your social media profiles

Generate JPG, PNG and GIF images from one single image

How to use filters for professional photos

How to create a web design from scratch

The file size of your website matters a lot, so you will get tips on how to reduce your website’s size

How to migrate to a new computer

How to remove unwanted items and keep only the best from your images

How to work with RAW and ProPhoto

How to use the Free Transform tool to turn your photos into art

How to use the Smart Filter tool to make your images look brighter

How to use the Clone tool to get rid of unwanted objects

How to use the Content-Aware tool to replace undesirable objects

How to split a portrait into two

How to use the Sepia effect

How to make your existing photos look like high resolution photos

How to use the Linked Adjustment tool to tweak your existing photos

How to improve the look of your photos with the Curves tool

How to use the Gaussian Blur filter to blur your photos

How to create a new photo

How to remove unwanted objects from a photo

How to control the shape of your images

How to apply a high dynamic range (HDR) effect to your photos

How to add a vignette effect to your photos

How to add a mosaic of photos to a single photo

How to add professional effects to your photos

How to control the brightness and contrast of your photos

How to control the saturation of your photos

How to reduce the file size of your photos

How to remove dust and scratches from your photos

How to convert JPG to JPEG

How to add a vintage feel to your photos

How to crop your photos to find the perfect shape

How to choose the right type of images for your social media profiles

Adobe Photoshop CC [Win/Mac]

In July 1945, three days after the end of World War II, two Soviet soldiers arrived at the outskirts of Batumi, on the Black Sea, to deal with a large group of German POWs. The new arrivals ordered the bewildered men into pens, some of them with only a tattered blanket over their shoulders, and told them they were leaving for Germany. They marched them through the gates, then reversed course and returned a short time later with tanks, machine guns and half-track trucks. The men were led to a railway station and sent back to Germany, never to return to their families.

Or so they believed. Little did they know that their families were already there awaiting them.

When the soldiers arrived at the station, they were lined up with the other men and ordered to proceed to the platform. They were led to a vehicle, and told to get in.

But this was no ordinary prison transport.

The troops were packed in like sardines, sitting with their feet touching the floor. They were ordered to look straight ahead, and when the doors were slammed shut, there was no turning back.

“It was a suffocating wave of sound, shouts, human screams, people crying, groaning, and the smell of excrement,” Berta Orlowska, whose mother was a German prisoner of war, recalls.

Five days later, the train arrived in the West German city of Siegen. The men were led into a stifling, windowless room, and told to eat their first meal in five days. A man asked why they had been ordered to stay in the truck. A guard told him, “If you want to go back to the Soviet Union, you will get another opportunity.”

They had been led to believe they would be going home.

Many of the men were still bewildered. Some of them were suspicious about being sent away. One told his wife, “Now I am either going to get out here, or be deported to Siberia or the north.”

When the train arrived, their worst fears were confirmed: They weren’t going back to the Soviet Union. It was Aug. 15, 1945. They had been taken to a transit camp, and were ordered to report to Camp 28, a place for officers and non-commissioned officers, where they were told they would be kept until

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The Deptford Two

The world’s most notorious asylum escapees, Harry and June ‘Jugger’ Nelmes, were admitted to Deptford in December 1851, aged 19 and 18 respectively. They were described by the Board of Visitors as ‘such a dissolute couple’ and an ‘unfortunate couple’.

Harry, born in 1896, was the son of John Nelmes, a master mariner who became a policeman and was transferred to the custody of the ‘Prison Division’ of London Police in 1845. Harry had nine siblings, one of whom was the well-known professor of medicine and author of the paper ‘A Plea for the Prevention of Premature Birth’. Harry’s father died in 1852 and his mother, Elizabeth, died in 1853, leaving Harry at the mercy of foster parents. He was placed first with a family in Limehouse and later with an immigrant family in Lambeth in 1859. Then, in 1864, he enlisted in the 17th Lancers, a regiment affiliated with the Caledonian-Scot Regiment. His brigade was in South Africa and part of the famous Light Division. His service in South Africa was described as ‘of the greatest consequence’. He became a ‘Captain of the 17th Lancers’ and was part of the force which liberated the city of Mafeking. By all accounts, he did not behave badly while in South Africa but he was never awarded the Victoria Cross, which he asked for in 1881.

He was released from service in 1873 and on his return to Deptford and later London, Harry Nelmes joined the staff of the Metropolitan Police as a Constable. However, he was discharged in 1878 and again joined the Police in 1885. As a constable, he was seconded to Scotland Yard and was posted at Lewes, Sussex. In October 1888, he was granted a transfer to Colchester Police. He was at Colchester when the Nelmes’ were admitted to Deptford.

Meanwhile, his brother June (born 1851) was living in a lodging house run by a Mr Booth in Shoreditch, East London. On 12 June 1875, he was placed in Wandsworth Old Lodge for boys by order of the Board of Visitors, due to his violent nature. Henry and June were admitted at the

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop CC:

OS: Windows 10 (64 bit, version 1903 or higher)
Processor: Dual-core 2.4 GHz or faster Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen 5 2600 or better
Memory: 8GB RAM (or higher if using 4K textures)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7750 or better
Disk: 6GB available space
Processor: Dual-core 2.8