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This article uses the term “Photoshop” generically to mean both Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Elements 11 and all past versions.

Photoshop CS6

Photoshop Elements 11

The image is organized as one editable full-resolution image, with layers that can be selectively modified and arranged as a group, so that it is possible to make multiple edits and back them up by saving.

Photoshop allows users to perform the following:

Removing unwanted objects from images—for example, removing the photograph background or exposing unwanted objects like people’s faces or license plates.

Adjusting the color and saturation of objects—for example, making objects appear more saturated or desaturated, adding color, or removing color.

Correcting flaws in photographs—for example, altering a face to make it more symmetrical.

Removing flaws in photographs—for example, removing unflattering blotches or wrinkles on the face.

In addition, Photoshop allows users to perform the following:

Enabling users to add additional digital art to a photo—for example, adding a characteristic to the background.

Creating and printing color photographs—for example, creating a color copy of a black-and-white photo with a color background.

Creating and printing black-and-white photographs—for example, adding graphic elements or images to a previously black-and-white photo.

Printing color photos—for example, removing color from the entire image to produce a black-and-white copy or printing the photo as it appears on a computer screen.

Note that in earlier versions of Photoshop, and many other photo editors, these tasks were accomplished using layers of paint, but in Photoshop, they are still done using layers.

Photoshop’s style is typographically tight and typography-centric, so its interface, which in the past has been customized to reflect the layout of a computer monitor, now includes split screens that can, with a few clicks, change the layout to almost any screen device.

The interface includes many tools for modifying images, including an optional brush engine that can be used to paint in or remove selected objects in a new layer or in the image itself. In addition, there are many ways to quickly mask out unwanted items with layer masks.

Photoshop CS6’s layers are flexible and can work with other layers and layers masks. Photoshop Elements 11’s can include only vector layers.

Photoshop does not

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You can download Photoshop Elements for Mac from The version available at the time of writing is 18.2.

Photoshop Elements – About This Article

This article assumes you have some idea of the difference between Elements and Photoshop. It assumes you want to learn how to use Elements, and it assumes you know how to use Photoshop. The aim of this article is to show you how to use the Elements photography tools and functions and put them to use. I will show you how to create and edit photos, design images, make memes, add textures, select and work with layers, use tools, work with filters, composite images and more.

As well as giving you a good understanding of how to use Elements, I’ll explain how to use Photoshop too. I’ll also show you how to put all your skills to use in designing and creating images, making memes and designing websites. I’ll also show you how to integrate elements in popular programs such as Google Photos, Google Docs and Final Cut Pro.

How to Use Elements

Photoshop Elements has a more user-friendly interface than traditional Photoshop. Elements also provides you with a more streamlined user experience. There are fewer pre-selected or predefined options, for example, and many of them are located in different places. You have to think about what you need to do before you need to do it.

Some Photoshop features work in Elements but, some require the purchase of a subscription.

The following sections will guide you through Photoshop Elements, showing you how to perform tasks, including:

Choosing what to do

Opening a document

Cropping images, adjusting their colors, contrast, brightness and more

Using layers

Making photos transparent, fixing red eye, brightness, contrast, color and more

Making web images

Adding text

Adding a background

Working with layers, color and adjustment layers

Adding textures

Using filters

Composite images

Adding a title and copyright to photos

Working with Adobe Bridge

Using the Creative Cloud

Using other Photoshop tools

Composing an image with Photoshop Elements

Open an image in Photoshop Elements Select the New Option Launch the file in the program with the selected tool Set the options that are most appropriate for your work and use them to create your image

Photoshop Elements – Basic Tools

You can find all the tools available in

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