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Akti Album is a comprehensive and efficient application for creating multimedia albums and quickly publishing them on the web. Using nice and easy-to-use interface you can manage digital photos, notes, audio and video clips you took with your camera. Akti Album  includes advanced search support, ability of audio recording, media organizer with user-specified categories, extended albums database management, multi language interface, and support for user defined web sites and printing templates. Finally, Akti Album makes it possible to create your own web site templates. So, the possibilities of your own multimedia album web site design using Akti Album are virtually unlimited.


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Akti Album  can help you quickly and efficiently create multimedia albums, publish them on your website, print them on your printer, and play them on your multimedia devices. Create your own site templates with Akti Album. You can use a standard presentation layout as a background for your web site. And you can use your own photos, texts, audio, and video clips to create your web site without having to write a single line of code! Easy-to-use interface, get-to-know-quickly wizard, and help from experienced engineer. Advanced search support (including searching of files within images and audio clips) Multi-page presentations Multi-language interface Ability to record audio clips and save them with media selection dialog Organize your favorite photos Extendable database Save and Load data from your web pages Ability to create own templates for your web site Ability to play created multimedia albums within Akti Album. Printing templates selection dialog Watermarking support Creates folders and sub-folders within its database Support for multitrack files Command line interface (for automation) Audio recording support Automatic preview of your files File size limit File name length limit Grouping of images Normalizing images Album navigation by albums, folders, and files Speed of up to 60 images per second Note-taking features Separate printing windows Ability to add your custom content to a chosen image Ability to turn off album navigation after selecting a file Ability to show thumbnails in the navigation menu Ability to create your own print templates Ability to create a custom web site template using Akti Album Ability to show the thumbnails by default on start-up Ability to hide the “never-show-thumbnail-again” checkbox in the slideshow view Ability to show the images by frame Ability to hide the “don’t delete the thumbnails before printing” checkbox in the slideshow view Ability to create your own web sites and display thumbnails in slideshow Ability to print your own images Ability to sort the photos by album, category, filename, date, and height/width Ability to hide useless columns from the slideshow Ability to set the size of the photo by frame and width/height in the slideshow view Ability to play your favorite images (with album navigation) by folder, file name or date Ability to select the track-length of a song without the need of a music player

Akti Album

– You can create many different albums (called files) with pictures, notes, audio and videos. – You can use several cameras simultaneously. – You can record audio with Akti Album Cracked 2022 Latest Version directly to WAV, MP3 or other audio formats. – You can insert web links in your multimedia files. – You can create your own web sites using Akti Album web site templates. – You can view pictures, audio or video in rotation and limited choice of other formats. – Akti Album allows to search pictures by any of the 12 predefined view modes, search by text, date, location, owner, faces or user defined web sites. – You can use handy search tools for quick selection of required pictures, video or audio clips. – You can also use custom tags (e.g. a prefix for any of the picture attributes, or any text or sound file used in picture description, web page text, audio or video files, etc.) for quick selection. – You can easily manage not only pictures and audio, but also notes, tabs or web links, and view and rotate them and much more. – You can also add movies from DVD, VCD, VHS, various of the internet and search sources to your albums. – You can arrange your multimedia files in any number of folders and/or create your own folders. – You can easily create preview web pages from any number of multimedia files, insert links to the web, and (re)print your previews. – You can create and manage your own web sites using Akti Album web site templates. – When you insert photos from your folders or from web links you can assign them in your albums. – You can insert multimedia files from almost all of popular music formats, and insert them in albums created with Akti Album. – You can also insert several music and video files simultaneously to create a multimedia video file. – You can insert text files of any size to create your own text notes. – You can use up to 5 different web sites simultaneously and include them in any of your albums. – You can insert web links into photo albums. – You can display album pictures and audio clips in full screen, rotate them clockwise or anticlockwise, control playback speed, set the duration of the video clip. – You can control playback speed of the audio clip (including the possibility to slow or speed it up or down), invert audio (play it in reverse 91bb86ccfa

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• Easy-to-use interface, quick navigation, convenient preview. • Support for a user-defined web site template. • Ability to rename albums and media in the preview window, and in the database. • Multiple database formats, such as MySQL and SQLite. • New document types are supported. • Ability to organize photos by name, location, date and so on. • Support for keywording. • Support for basic editing – adjustment of exposure, color, saturation, brightness and so on. • Support for croping and rotation of the photos. • Ability to sort images in the albums by name, by modification time and so on. • Password protection of the database. • Integration with the Akti Cloud Backup and Akti Cloud Server. • Support for preview of the web site and the booklet. • Support for creating attractive web pages with the web site template. • Support for video clipping. • Support for audio recording. • Support for audio (MP3, AAC, OGG, WAV and so on) and video clips (AVI, MP4, MOV). • Compatible with most of Microsoft operating systems, including Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server and so on. • Support for Unicode. • Unlimited number of applications, including email, Web tools and so on. • Support for drawing with text. • Support for importing and exporting of media items to and from the database. • Import of media items by copy/paste operation. • Ad-free. • Support for Dropbox (free version and Pro version) and other cloud services. • Support for printing. • Support for user-defined project templates. • Support for creating charts. • Support for printing both on-line and off-line. • Support for FTP/SFTP. • Support for creating ZIP archive of database content. • Support for printing on-line and off-line. • Support for creating HTML and DOCX documents. • Support for creating EPUB, FB2, MOBI, PRC and other books. • Support for creating PDF, Image, SWF, MP3, M4A, OGG, MP4 and WAV files. •

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■ Browsing the information about all your media items you clicked on pictures folders with ease. ■ View  all media items by folders. ■ Enjoy great freedom when merging and separating media items. ■ Add data to the media items. ■ Copy and move media items. ■ Use the instant search function (only pictures). ■ Analyze pictures quality. ■ Enhance pictures. ■ Undo changes. ■ Multiple capture options of pictures. ■ Instant upload into you own photo web site. ■ Ability to add a text description to the media items. ■ Support for user-defined web sites. ■ Print the selected album images. ■ The possibility to create your own templates ■ The possibility to create  search templates. ■ Ability to add images to the web pages ■ Import and export media items ■ Import and export media item categories ■ Support for exporting flash photo albums (optional) ■ Print templates ■ Ability to export the HTML structure of web page ■ Ability to install the program to any disk ■ Ability to save the program ■ Ability to install the program using only MS Internet Explorer ■ Ability to delete the program ■ Ability to change the program name ■ Ability to change the program’s icon ■ Ability to change the program’s executable file ■ Ability to change the program’s permissions ■ Ability to add the program’s icon to the desktop ■ Ability to view program’s properties ■ Ability to change the program’s icon properties ■ Ability to change program’s shortcut icon ■ Ability to share program’s icon with others ■ Ability to add the program to the startup folder ■ Ability to modify the shortcut’s properties ■ Ability to customize the shortcut with any text ■ Ability to enable and disable the program from startup menu ■ The ability to add the program’s option button to the Windows’ control panel. ■ The ability to add the program’s option button to the Windows’ control panel. ■ The ability to create option buttons for applications ■ Ability to create temporary files for needed by program ■ Ability to send email to others about program ■ Ability to send bug report to developers ■ Ability to distribute the program in the form of trial ■ Ability to read license.txt.txt ■ Ability to set permissions for program by group or user ■ The ability to know the current version of the program ■ Ability to change the program’s icon using any other image file ■ The ability to control

System Requirements For Akti Album:

Windows XP or higher Graphics Card with DirectX 9 support and a minimum resolution of 800×600 Processor: 2.8 GHz or higher RAM: 2GB+ Hard Drive: 40GB+ Installed Disc Space: 250MB+ Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Installing DirectX SDK 10.1 requires a valid developer account. Once installed, open the Developer Registration Portal and register for a new developer account. Once registered, install the DirectX SDK 10.1. Extract it to a folder of your