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It works on Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/…
It can use only one-time-passes APDUs, not password-based APDUs.
It can read card contents from memory.
It also checks if the PIN or CVC code in a command APDU is correct.
The application itself has many additional features, such as a status bar, command log, option to switch card type,…

UPDATEMAP is an executable that modifies some files of an ISO 8583 smartcard database
to make it an ISO 7816 3.0 database.
The purpose is to support all the functions of traditional updatable smartcard database.

Card Shredder. Easy to use card shredder.
You don’t have to count the card (or look for a tool to burn a hole in the back of it) to get rid of it.
Shred it before the end of the month when the limit for a single-use card expires, if you do it too late, your authorities can stop your access to the bank.

PostActivity is a tool that shows card activity history over the Internet, including the contents of the header and footer fields of the ISO 7816-4 transfer protocol.
It is an updated version of the old postactivity program.
The program shows the number of good and invalid records in the header and footer fields of the ISO 7816-4 protocol.
The card or reader are the only two devices that can generate valid and invalid records.

An application for the evaluation of ISO 7816-4 smart cards.
It allows the user to create cards of different type and size to test the matching application function in a controlled and efficient way.
This application performs the generation of the passport file in order to send it to the smart card.

Cdiac is a Java application that allows you to access the card data (SIC or TIN) stored in a card and retreive the information to the card.
It has been made for small applications that just want to know how much data is in a card, or retrieve an SIC from a bank card.
The application has been made for IBM cards of both sizes (16 and 32kb) but can also work with other cards.

BountyCard is an easy to use card emulating card reader.
It simulates a SIM for Windows, with SIC and TIN fields and

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APDUscanner Crack +

APDUscanner is a simple application designed to enable you to explore ISO-7816 smart cards.
The program scans for undocumented command APDUs, discovers files (EF/DF), and allows manual command/response debugging. Also reads payment data from ChipKnip (Dutch).
A number of files may be loaded, and command/response debugging is enabled, thus allowing manual step-by-step processing of the card.


Oct 04, 2004 I have added a new mode. I have added a mode in which the program scans for undocumented command APDUs and saves the code to a file. The program then saves files, one file per undocumented command APDU code. For example, the first undocumented command APDU code will be saved in the file named 01.DIF. The second will be saved in 02.DIF and so on. Of course, you may add your own undocumented command APDU codes. You may also change the mode as follows:
Indicates that the program will save undocumented command APDUs to a file.
Indicates that the program will save files.
Indicates that the program will perform DF processing on EF and DF files.
Indicates that the program will perform DF processing on EF and DF files.
Indicates that the program will perform EF processing on EF and DF files.
Indicates that the program will not perform EF processing on EF and DF files.
This new mode was added in response to a number of problems regarding the loading of documents into smart cards. Because of the difficulty in loading documents, the new mode offers a solution. After the program scans for undocumented command APDUs, it first saves all of these APDUs to a file. Then, it reads the file and, based on the information found, performs DF processing on EF or DF files.

You can use the command line option –manual-debug.
In the manual mode, card information is read automatically and you get the following output:
Card Command Response
0000 0001 k n execute reader application

In the debug mode, you get the following output:
Card Command Response
0000 0001 k n execute reader application
Payment Data
0000 0020 d #

If a payment data file is opened,

What’s New In APDUscanner?

— APDU Scanner Plugin for QuizForge
1. Unzip the release
2. Extract the cdr file
3. Double-click on the “INSTALL” file in the unpacked directory
To register APDU Scanner plugin, open the plugin directory (i.e. “QuizForge/Plugins”) in the registry Editor, and copy the path and file name of the (*.zip) plugin to add it
To use a customized.zip file, go to File > Preferences > Plugins > Customize
In the file directory of the customized plugins, you will find an example or a sample of your.zip file.
Command and Debug Codes:
Available command codes are listed in the README.txt file in the compressed plugin or documentation file. All command codes are non-debugger commands.
Introduction of undocumented command codes:
I wrote a program that uses undocumented command codes to write card data to target device. Unfortunately, this has only been tested on ISO-7816 smart cards; cards that use internal commands to retrieve/write data from the card (such as ChipKnip) won’t be readable. There might be a solution for cards that use internal commands (but I have no idea what I might be missing)
The SetEmbeddedFileLTP command enables you to control an LTP file that has been incorporated into the ISO 7816 datafiles.
SetEmbeddedFileLTP Usage:
You must use this command before any transaction or at the end of a transaction to close a file.
Example of usage:
You can use one of the following formats for the command:
LTP: ltp filename.txt
TTP: ttp filename.txt
Example commands:
— SetEmbeddedFileLTP: for Embedded LTP files
setembeddedfileltp file.txt
— SetEmbeddedFileTTP: for Embedded TTP files
setembeddedfilettp file.txt
— SetEmbeddedFile: for Embedded files
setembeddedfile file.txt
— CloseEmbeddedFile: for Embedded closed files
— ListEmbeddedFiles: for Embedded file lists
You can also make the SetEmbeddedFile commands use an index for the embedded files.
— SetEmbeddedFileLTP: for Embedded LTP files using an index

System Requirements For APDUscanner:

Game Version:
Hotfix Notes:
– Fixed issue where a Z-Point skill that would allow the user to teleport to any point on the map would remain invisible and not function after becoming invisible.
– Fixed issue where the user could not immediately use the Z-Point skill after activating the skill