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The ASUS E-Green Drive automatically optimizes drive’s power consumption. E-Green displays detailed information on power saved and CO2 reduced using the ASUS drive.
ASUS E-Green will enable you to save power and also lower the CO2 emissions.
E-Green can be used in ASUS Drive only







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E-Green automatically detects and optimizes the power consumption of the hard drive to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions.
E-Green has the following features:
– Auto Power Optimizer: Save power by turning off the hard drive or leaving it to standby when it is not in use. E-Green recognizes and adjusts the power consumption automatically.
– Automatic Power Off: Turn off the hard drive or leave it to standby when there is no access for an extended period. E-Green automatically detects the power consumption and sends it to the drive.
– Power Saving Levels: You can choose an optimal power consumption setting for your drive, thereby enabling you to save more power.

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The e-Green display only shows when E-Green is in use, and display these power and CO2 info.
(When you turn on/off E-Green, the above display will not be displayed).
This function uses the following:
1. Measurement period: 1 day
2. Data Export: Yes

Internal hard drive is the main storage device.
We care about the data’s protection above all else. For safe data storage we have included several possibilities. We have included the following:
Optical Drive + DVD, CD, Blu-ray discs
USB 2.0 interface with password protection
Backup software
System recovery

Here’s the list:
1) Internet connection in your NAS
2) You’ll enjoy a simple, comprehensive menu for backup and restore.
3) You can also access the data through the Internet, as well as mail and photo viewing, which has no limit on the number of items.
4) You can delete files without worrying about making mistakes, as “opendeleted” files are not transferred to the backup.
5) You can create and save access information (preferences, messages, web site names, etc.) for your application via the NAS
6) You can select whether or not to re-download data and write automatic deletion data
7) It is a technology that can be used even when the Internet connection is not stable.
8) You can also perform backup and restore functions using the original Internet access
9) Can recover operation
10) Can set two languages for starting
11) Application package can be uploaded

What’s cool about it?
It can automatically transfer data to your PC when you put the external hard drive

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Quick charging for notebooks
Saves battery power by using only 0.75 amps
One touch to power down to power off

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ASUS E-Green Crack+ Product Key Full Download [March-2022]

– up to 29% power-saving
– up to 10% CO2 reduction
– detailed reporting
ASUS E-Green requires WinXP SP2/SP3/SP4/SP5. For Windows Vista users, ASUS E-Green won’t work.
– However, the ASUS E-Green report report will appear if you install KB928306
– E-Green can be used as a service after a regular boot by loading the E-Green.exe file into the Windows Registry in the same manner
– Visit:

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What’s New in the?

ASUS E-Green is an interactive drive monitor for ASUS E-Green displays. ASUS E-Green is compatible with all ASUS E-Green displays. On new ASUS notebooks and desktops, please update the BIOS to latest version before connecting ASUS E-Green display to the notebook or desktop.
ASUS E-Green can be controlled with three ways:
– Push buttons on top of the device and its stand:
Enter the ASUS E-Green menu:
(1) Push Home:
(2) Press the Q key:
(3) Push Back:
(4) Press the W key:
(5) Push Turn Up:
(6) Press the Up key:
(7) Push Turn Down:
(8) Press the Down key:
(9) Push Adjust Up:
(10) Press the Up and Down keys at the same time:
Turn on / off the device:
(11) Push Home:
(12) Press the Q key:
(13) Push Back:
(14) Push Power On:
(15) Press the ON key:
To prevent the device from being damaged, the power on/off button is for emergency use only and should be pushed only if the drive is running abnormally or is about to stop.
The ASUS E-Green Display can be controlled by the ASUS WebStorage. If you wish to login, go to ASUS WebStorage
ASUS E-Green After-sales Support
If you have any questions or inquiry about this product, please let us know, our support team will reply you in 24 hours and give you the best solution!

The new E-Tech Drive provides energy efficient computer and digital lifestyle solutions. It supports both Microsoft Windows OS and Apple Mac OS, includes an AC adapter, and has an input port for connecting to external devices. It has a USB port and SD slot, also a Bluetooth® wireless communicator, built-in dual fans, LED lights, and very good performance. The E-Tech Drive supports all major languages and meets Apple RoHS compliance, making it perfect for home or business use.

The E-Green Drive automatically optimizes drive’s power consumption. E-Green displays detailed information on power saved and CO2 reduced using the ASUS drive.
ASUS E-Green will enable you to save power and also lower the CO2 emissions.
E-Green can

System Requirements For ASUS E-Green:

Windows 10, 8, 7, or XP
Mac OS X 10.10 or above
Minimum Specifications:
Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processor
2GB of RAM
Minimum Graphics Specifications:
1024MB of VRAM
NVIDIA Quadro FX/FX 2000 series
256MB of VRAM
Recommended Specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent