Audi Network Connect map international 2019-2020 maps.avi map update – 2020 Navigator 💨


Europa Navigation (RMC) Digital Road Map Europe

My question is: if anyone has the same European Road Map with similar quality and better resolution, then I would
highly appreciate if you can share it with me.


I’m not sure what format you’re looking for, but there are lots of map-based apps available, or web interfaces, for which you would use an app like Google Maps or Google Earth to view and print the map.
You can download maps offline for offline use from or
Desktop Apps
You can download the regions you want as a.kml and then save it to your desktop:

Mobile Apps
There are lots of apps: or
Web Interfaces
If you want something web-based to play with offline, you can look at
You can also download the navigation data in KMZ format and view it offline in Google Earth, like this:

If you want to add the route to Google MapMaker just use the same code:

Just use the following parameters:

More information about the available format can be found here:


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Sequentially apply a list of functions to a list of data frames

The title might be a bit confusing, here’s an example to illustrate the problem.
I’m currently working on a project where I work with a lot of data that I put together and manipulate, and at the end, I put it all back together in a data frame for further analysis. For example: