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In addition to a standard 2D drawing environment, AutoCAD also includes a separate 3D modeling tool that can be used to create 3D CAD models. Each version of AutoCAD can create multiple 2D and 3D drawings at once, and can read and write natively to many file formats.


Features in AutoCAD 2017 have been updated since the last time we covered this product in a review. Here is a summary of the recent updates, including support for features and functions only available in the 2017 release.

What’s New in AutoCAD? [January 2018]

The toolbars, ribbon, and menus have all been updated to support the new paint bucket tools, proportional edit controls, blend modes, and ability to use the Paint Bucket tool with a selection box.

The interface has been updated with new navigation aids, including a slider control that moves along the drawing axis, and the ability to toggle between individual zoom levels of any drawing by using the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons.

Rendering improvements are supported in all drawing types, including the ability to control the Viewport Color settings in the legend, and the ability to change the default color in the current layer using a gradient style fill.

A new set of tools allows you to use the Paint Bucket tool with a selection box, and can be applied to the selected drawing object as well as selection box edges.

The Power editor has been updated with a revamped user interface and the ability to replace symbols and segments with shapes.

New symbols include an arc, line with variable line styles, and ellipse.

The Line Style dialog box has been modified to support the new ellipse, line with variable line styles, and arc tool symbols.

A new Quick Information window can be opened and edited to include text and/or dimension values.

Drawing improvements include a new marquee tool, a drop tool for dragging objects from one place to another, and the ability to work with multiple layers at the same time.

A new set of functional tools is available for handling drawings in other applications. The Layer Manager dialog box allows you to create and delete layers, and open or save layers in other applications. The User Defined Drawing Tools dialog box allows you to create new drawing tools to use in drawings.

Free Downloads

AutoCAD 2007 is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. AutoCAD is offered on the desktop as a

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It is the de facto standard in the industry for exchange of drawings. It is a standard primarily used for technical drawings. The DXF file format is proprietary but has been widely implemented.

AutoCAD Torrent Download also supports over twenty programming languages, including:
The.NET framework
Visual Basic.NET (with a variety of languages)
Visual Basic for Applications (with a variety of languages)
AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Electrical
AutoCAD Civil 3D
User defined languages
AutoCAD WebServices
VisualFoxPro (via ADX)

In addition, AutoCAD supports over a dozen third party APIs.

When built with the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler, AutoCAD is a DLL. AutoCAD 2007 is a 64-bit version, allowing it to open and save drawings in the 64-bit version of the Windows operating system.

Updates to AutoCAD are usually done as service packs, which include fixes for stability, new functionality and improvements to existing features.

A solution is a collection of drawings, schedules, documents, images, animations,.swp and macros. A solution can be made up of several drawings, schedules, and documents.

AutoCAD allows users to create their own solutions. Solutions are stored in the central repository, which is saved in a.suo file. It has a special database called a “work library”.

Users of AutoCAD can export their solution as a.suo file.

AutoCAD supports custom macros. AutoCAD provides an interface to VBA programming.

There are more than 350 third party software developers.

AutoCAD Solutions

Online solutions
Online solutions are applications that work only with AutoCAD and require Internet access. These include the following applications.

See also
AutoCAD Electrical
AutoCAD Civil 3D
AutoCAD Remote Desktop
AutoCAD Architect
AutoCAD Architectural Desktop
Autodesk Exchange Apps


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AutoCAD Full Version

Select “Translate to english”

Run the generated installer.

Rename the.pfx file you downloaded and open it with a text editor (such as Notepad).
Copy the key (in XML format) and paste it into your keychain.

Make sure you add the -a switch.
$ openssl pkcs12 -in key.pfx -nocerts -out key.p12 -a -passin pass:password

If you don’t add the -a switch you will get the same error message.


I too have hit this issue while translating a code, the key provided by the software, after running the installer, did not have the -a switch.
The error message that was displayed, with the link “” in it, was the reason for that.
The error message I saw was :

“The key is not included in the downloaded certificate”

I resolved the issue by downloading the latest version of the code from autodesk.
The new version of the code provided a key with the -a switch.


I encountered the same issue today, I think I found the root cause. Please check the certificate type of your.pfx file. Mine is pfx, but yours is pkcs12. Please modify your code as follows:
openssl pkcs12 -in key.pfx -nocerts -out key.p12 -passin pass:password -a

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What’s New in the?

Create markups automatically from the drawing documents. Use the CIRCMARKUP tool to turn many common markups into true markers that can be edited, moved, and exported. Import your markups into AutoCAD from Outlook and Excel in a click. (video: 3:20 min.)

Edit your markups and easily modify them without worrying about formatting conflicts. Easily edit large markups with ease. You can switch between editing and commenting modes to ensure your best markups can be easily edited. Selecting individual text fields allows you to make markups that can be easily modified. (video: 4:22 min.)

Use formatting and styles to format and style individual elements in your markups. Save and load your markups to make sure they match your documents and standards. For example, there are powerful styles for fonts, colors, and margins. You can even define your own custom text styles, which you can use to make your markups consistent. (video: 2:20 min.)

Add comments to your markups for other users to see. Add comments to your markups to make sure you’re on the same page as others, or use them to share your ideas with others. You can use the comment system or embed your markups in email. (video: 4:35 min.)

Note: For the best experience, install AutoCAD 2023. This release is available in all AutoCAD subscription and standalone licensing options.

Major Change:

New Drafting:

Get back to the basics of drafting with a new Drafting view. Add and edit views, choose and select objects, and manage layer and visibility settings. There is a new Show Objects in Object Tree tool that lets you choose what you see in the Object Tree. (video: 2:55 min.)

Get back to the basics of drafting with a new Drafting view. Add and edit views, choose and select objects, and manage layer and visibility settings. There is a new Show Objects in Object Tree tool that lets you choose what you see in the Object Tree. (video: 2:55 min.) New, powerful object editing:

Edit shapes and splines interactively with AutoTrace. No more wasted time fumbling for the right button. Interact with splines in design space and edit with AutoCAD’s full editing abilities. Automatically convert surfaces to splines for editing. (video:

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista, or Windows 7
Processor: 2GHz Dual Core or equivalent
Memory: 2GB RAM
Video: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Hard Disk: 3.5GB available space
OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8
Processor: Quad Core 2.6 GHz
Memory: 4GB RAM
Hard Disk: 4GB available space