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Since its initial release, AutoCAD has been used for a wide variety of design tasks. These range from designing things like houses, bridges, or aircraft, to designing and printing items like plastic model kits.

The only other CAD software that competes with AutoCAD is Solidworks, which is also developed by Autodesk and was first released in 2000.

This article was originally published in May 2006 and has been updated as needed.


AutoCAD is a commercial CAD package that is used in the design, drafting, and documentation of products ranging from individual designs like bridges, houses, and aircraft to more complex systems like manufacturing and infrastructure.

AutoCAD is the #1 CAD software application worldwide, and it is the #1 CADDY tool in use by other CAD tools, in particular: SolidWorks, Alibre Design, SolidEdge, and Vectorworks.

In the AutoCAD community, the applications are referred to as AutoCAD, which is the name of the company that sells AutoCAD, Autodesk, Inc., and AutoCAD LT, the name of the company that makes the AutoCAD LT computer graphics program.

AutoCAD LT, which is used by more than 20,000 companies around the world and is installed on more than 70,000 computers, is used as a multi-use tool. It includes sophisticated features that make it the go-to-app for many companies that have needs beyond the basic design, drafting, and documentation abilities of the basic AutoCAD program.

AutoCAD is available for both Macintosh and Windows. The Windows version of AutoCAD is available in a number of different editions, which include a standard version and more than two specialty editions that offer extended capabilities.

In addition, AutoCAD LT is available as a free download or as a desktop version that is purchased and installed on a computer, or as a web-based version that is accessed via the Internet.

The AutoCAD LT web-based version is used in many places, including in such professions as architecture, construction, engineering, and architecture as well as for general-use software such as educational software, E-learning, and training software.

AutoCAD App

The AutoCAD software application is comprised of two main parts, the AutoCAD and the AutoCAD LT software.


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More recently, as part of the Cloud-based DXF Services product, Autodesk has added support for DXF to its web apps.

AutoCAD also supports IFS and NetCDF files.


AutoCAD provides automation features through VBA and Visual LISP. VBA is a native programming language supported by AutoCAD and other AutoDesk products. AutoCAD Visual LISP (VLS) is a dialect of the LISP language that runs on top of AutoCAD and other AutoDesk products. The VBA and VLS languages are high-level languages that allow you to automate AutoCAD and other AutoDesk products. The technologies are available in AutoCAD on the desktop, AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD Web, AutoCAD LT for web, AutoCAD for Excel, AutoCAD for Excel for the desktop, and AutoCAD LT for Excel for the web.

Along with VBA and VLS, AutoCAD has a scripting language for automation called AutoLISP, which is a dialect of the LISP programming language. It is more similar to BASIC than VBA or VLS.

AutoCAD does not currently provide true cloud computing features, but in 2010 the ability to remotely access Autodesk servers via the cloud was announced, with the ability to upload and download drawings, preview and edit them, save or modify them, and even save and modify editable parameters.

AutoCAD is one of several software products written in AutoLisp, a high-level, text-based programming language, and is one of the first in the industry to move from a procedural to a declarative programming model.

AutoCAD is built around a native programming language called “AutoLisp.” AutoLisp is the progenitor of many modern languages, including the various scripting languages found on Windows and Macintosh platforms, but is not the ancestor of the programming languages Lisp or LISP. AutoLisp was designed to be easily readable to even those without programming experience. AutoLisp is also known to be one of the easiest programming languages to learn because it has a very small, simple syntax, making it easy to read and write.

AutoLisp is closely related to, and uses many of the same algorithms as Lisp. In fact, one of the claims to fame of AutoLisp is that its compiler can generate functional code, a

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

New command line tool to show the structure of your drawing and list files in an interactive terminal. This tool helps you with searches to find files that have not yet been processed. (video: 4:16 min.)

Added Bzip2 support to Save for later.

Added iOS link to View from Windows, Mac, or iPad.

Faster implementation of path creation and connecting.

New switch to specify a spline type.

New command line tool to create splines, replace previous arc-to-spline command.

New command line tool to perform a single digit change to a numeric value.

New command line tool to specify that a coordinate should be numeric or text.

New grid and view setting: Use pixel-based scaling. (video: 0:36 min.)

New option for co-localizing your drawings.

New option for the order of drawing windows.

When co-localizing, you can select a unique point on each drawing window to set the point of origin for that drawing window.

This option requires Autodesk DWG compatibility, Version 1.5 or later, to use.

DwgEdit will not co-localize drawings unless they are compatible.

Improved performance of the Markup tool.

Markup Assist:

Include comments and edit markup in your drawing on the canvas.

Export your drawings with comments intact.

Organize your drawings to let you navigate through comments and edit them as you wish.

Connect drawings to Autodesk DWG.

New command line tool to create splines, replace previous arc-to-spline command.

New command line tool to perform a single digit change to a numeric value.

New command line tool to specify that a coordinate should be numeric or text.

New command line tool to perform a range of numeric or text.

New command line tool to add contour lines to your drawings.

New command line tool to change the font or color of a specified text.

New command line tool to create watermark text.

New command line tool to export your drawings to DWG.

Path creation and Connecting:

Added command line tool to draw lines and curves.

Added option to connect faces to intersect a plane.

New command line tool to create and edit spl

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Mac OS X 10.7.5 or higher
Intel-based Mac OS X with 2.66 GHz processor or faster
Intel-based Mac OS X with 3 GB RAM or higher
An Intel-based Mac OS X with an Nvidia graphics card
2GB of available free space
8GB of available space for Steam Cloud
1024×768 or higher resolution monitor with 16:10 aspect ratio
DirectX 11 compatible video card
Additional Notes:
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