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Storing Pandas dataframe in MySQL using Alchemy

I am trying to store a dataframe created from a Pandas dataframe in MySQL using Alchemy. I have installed the mysql backend and have also installed the appropriate dependency, ‘alchemy.backends.mysql’. I have a working code to store the MySQL table row by row but this is taking too much time (around an hour for a dataset with around 1 million rows).
I know that Pandas dataframes are already able to be accessed from MySQL using PyMySQL, but I want to stick to Alchemy.
Here is my code to store the data:
import pyodbc
conn = pyodbc.connect(‘DSN=myDSN’)
cursor = conn.cursor()

cursor.executemany(‘INSERT INTO? VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?)’,df.values)


The ‘df’ variable can be used to access my Pandas dataframe that it is building and storing in MySQL.
I have seen this but it’s not using the ‘alchemy.backends.mysql’ backend.
So the question is what changes in the code to use the Alchemy SQL backend instead of’sqlalchemy.engine.base.Engine.connect’?


For anyone who is interested, I was able to store the dataset by creating a container and accessing to ‘df’ from there.
import sys
import pandas as pd
from sqlalchemy.orm.session import Session
from sqlalchemy import create_engine

from alchemy.backends.mysql import MysqlEngine
from alchemy import create_engine

conn = create_engine(‘mysql://user:pass@host/database_name’, echo=True)

db_session = create_engine(‘mssql://’, echo=True)

db_engine = MysqlEngine(conn, echo=

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