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Every day people use the Internet to share the events of their lives. They also use it to interact and seek help from others. However, during the time we spend on the web, we can be exposed to an array of threats, which can be embarrassing, if not extremely dangerous. Many users resort to online anonymity services that provide a certain degree of protection from prying eyes and spyware, but there are those who don’t trust them completely. This is why, not so long ago, we saw services that were designed to offer true privacy and security.
They are called VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, and they can act as a link between your Internet connection and your computer, either at home, or at a remote location. A common VPN connection can usually be made in a few minutes, so the process is usually very quick. You can choose from different protocols, including TCP/IP, L2TP, IPSec, PPTP, and many others.
VPNs can also use DNS servers to increase security, which is why their DNS servers are often shared with other computers connected to the same connection. They can have different IP addresses assigned to them, and by sharing this feature, you can get the benefit of complete anonymity.
Some features in a VPN
There are many things that you should know about VPNs, and we’ll try to discuss them all. Let’s start with their domain name services. Usually, you don’t need to worry about that, but there are some instances when you may need to. These occur for instance when your VPN provider is located in a country with strict censorship laws, and you’re trying to access certain sites.
As you can see, VPNs are quite versatile, and can be used to increase security, as well as to add anonymity. Of course, security is an important factor, and the VPN provider will take measures to ensure that users are safe. That’s why we won’t be discussing security much. Instead, we’ll focus on anonymity and privacy.
VPNs can be used to cover your tracks
If you need to hide your identity, then VPNs can help you out. Several VPN providers offer privacy services, meaning that they can be used to keep your private activities safe. For instance, if you’re using a VPN for online banking, you can prevent the website from sending your personal information to the right authorities.
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This plugin is one of the most highly anticipated synth plugins in 2012. But what makes KeyM​A​C​R​O different? There are a number of reasons why KeyM​A​C​R​O can get you from A to Z.
Firstly, KeyM​A​C​R​O uses the exact same design as the first SynthM​A​C​R​O. This can be a benefit because it allows us to learn a lot about how to build our synths based on their predecessor.
Secondly, SynthM​A​C​R​O is hardware based and is ready for instant use. Most software based synths will require quite a bit of tweaking and effort to get up and running. But this one was designed to be plug and play.
Finally, it’s made by a very reputable company that is well known for making great synths like the Omnisphere or P​U​R​F​A​C​E​L​S.
KEYMACRO is a polyphonic virtual synthesizer. It features various synthesized sounds and effects. We have:

It’s FREE!
KeyM​A​C​R​O’s quality-price ratio is one of the best on the market!
KeyM​A​C​R​O’s OSC is generated by a synth-like oscillator that lets you customize and tweak the oscillator.

SYNTHM​A​C​R​O is a fully polyphonic synthesizer with 20 powerful filters.
You get 20 individual synthesis voices that are grouped into various subsets:

1-Amp synth
LFO with pitch and mod wheels
1-HPF II high-pass filter
1-LPF low-pass filter
1-HSC low-shelf compressor
1-VCA (voice-controlled amplifier)
1-VCA (voice-controlled amplifier)
1-VCF (voice-controlled filter)
1-VCO (voice-controlled oscillator)
1-VCF (voice-controlled filter)
1-VCF (voice-controlled filter)
1-VCO (voice-controlled oscillator)
1-VCA (voice-controlled amplifier)
1-VCA (voice-controlled amplifier)
1-VCF (voice-