ShaderToyMark is a software tool for testing the graphical capabilities of your video card. Since the generation of DirectX 10.1, GPU hardware acceleration of 3D graphics has become almost ubiquitous.
Virtually all major games are now GPU accelerated, and even high-end PCs often ship with video cards that are much faster than the CPUs that serve them. Yet the end users don’t really know how well their graphics card is performing.
ShaderToyMark creates a huge variety of 3D environments, or uses a created environment to showcase the graphics card’s power.
The program can showcase your 3D graphics performance in a variety of ways, such as simple 3D environments, photo effects, or even in games. You can also create and export your own graphics environments for others to download.
More than 80 different 3D objects, with hundreds of materials, can be used in your own worlds. With ShaderToyMark, your 3D environments can become interactive, allowing your end users to manipulate or interact with your worlds.
Features include:
* Run an unlimited number of different 3D scenes, using combinations of shaders, objects, lights, textures, materials and more.
* An easy-to-use graphical user interface for easy scene creation.
* Numerous scenes created using a variety of object types, including interactive environments.
* Hundreds of different objects and materials can be used.
* Hundreds of lighting settings, including solid and soft shadows, reflections, lights, motion blur, global illumination and more.
* Dozens of real-world and custom camera controls, including views, angles, tilts and more.
* Use your own cameras and cameras created in ShaderToyMark.
* A variety of rendering engines, including Clear, OpenGL, DirectX 9, DirectX 10 and DirectX 11.
* Export to PC, Mac and Flash, including Silverlight.
* Export 3D scenes to your own website, or send them to others to download.
What’s new in version 1.2.4:
* Fix for crashing when startup when using AMD/ATI CrossFire card
* Fix for invalid compilation error when using program with multiple GPUs
* Additional fixes for bugs and potential crashes
Program by
ShaderToyMark is available to download for $10.00 USD and is the property of the developer The developer doesn’t accept or distribute freeware, but they accept eea19f52d2

Edit videos without a complicated interface
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HitPaw Toolkit Description

Edit videos without a complicated interface

No need to install or sign up

The fastest and the most powerful video editor for all Windows devices

Highly intuitive approach

Suitable for even beginners

Free updates available

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