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Boxxx is an open source project of Microsoft and open source community where Microsoft and other partner companies provide open source components for building very effective, flexible, and efficient applications. It’s free for non-commercial and open source license.
Boxxx is a modern cross-platform Java Web Start application building framework written in pure Java using AWT. It’s flexible and very efficient for building complex Java web applications like gaming applications or business applications. It contains a set of standard built-in components like file handling, data, encryption, and compression.
It provides the functionality to use Microsoft Windows shared files in a client-server environment. For example, with Boxxx you can easily open and edit Microsoft Windows shared Excel files in a Java application.
In addition, you can easily build and run a Java application in a Windows or Linux virtual machine or use an OS-independent JDK to run a Java application on all Windows and Linux operating systems.
A list of Boxxx features and components:

Boxxx is a set of various Microsoft and open source technologies components provided to build Java application that runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.
Boxxx has a set of components:

Boxxx contains:

Microsoft Windows shared files

PDF rendering engine

File handling


Zip files

Boxxx components and technologies are used in the set of Java applications or in Java Server Faces applications.
List of Boxxx Technologies:


JReflix is a Java™ based, free, open source project to provide a Swing UI for a Windows® application.
The project is based on the JReflix library.
JReflix is a set of Swing components and utility classes for designing JTree based GUI for Windows applications. The components are packed into one single package called JReflix. This makes possible to use it within different applications without any additional JAR files.

It allows the developers to drag-and-drop Java classes directly into their Windows applications. They can also generate the user interface, bind model and the listeners, and implement the data manipulation logic in a short time.

Further, JReflix is a set of different Swing components. It contains TextBox, JTree, JTable, JCheckBox, JComboBox, JProgressBar, and JList. There is also a set of utility classes. These classes are used in the development of user interface elements of a Java application9670d34096

PDF Bundle
Lotto Pro
SuperEasy Password Manager
Ducks Unlimited Screensaver
ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor
Desktop Flag 3D Screensaver
AudioRealism Drum Machine
Amazing Boxplorer
Raxso Columbus
Portable UltraDefrag
WWE Windows 7 Theme
Ant Constants Class Generator Task
Salon Calendar
SimLab Fbx Exporter for Inventor
Chaos Manager

csWriting Pad is a straightforward and intuitive application that offers an easy method, to write documents, and customize them with different editing and formatting tools.
Straightforward and accessible interface
The tool doesn’t need installation to start, and, thanks to its small size, it can be stored on a USB flash drive, and run on any computer without prior setup. It’s wrapped in a simple and user-friendly layout, showing a word processor, a simple toolbar with quick commands, while at the bottom, you can view the cursor position, total number of characters, and line count.
Create documents and perform basic editing
To add a new item, you can either open a file in DOC, RTF and TXT formats or write a new one from scratch. The same types are applied to the saving function as well. If you already have text copied to the clipboard, it can easily be pasted into the panel. Undo and redo options come in handy when you want to fix mistakes, or to go back to the previous content.
Another useful option is the ability to protect certain paragraphs from being accidentally modified, or the entire record. From the menu, the cursor style may be changed to arrow, hand, hour glass, i-beam, or cross, as well as make the editor stay on top of other applications, and show or hide the details bar.
Customize the content with images and format the text to suit your preferences
csWriting Pad lets you move the pointer at the beginning, middle or end of the document, or to a particular location. It’s possible to change the format for only a part of the text, or the whole content, by choosing from a several fonts types, styles and sizes.
In addition, you can add strikeout and underline effects, along with the option to zoom in and out, and enter bullet lists, suitable for enumerations, shopping or to-do lists. Plus, pictures (BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF) can be inserted and resized to the desired dimension. The date and time can also be entered.  From the menu, you can activate the auto selection, word wrap, detect URLs, and set the items, as read-only.
In conclusion
Taking everything into account, csWriting Pad is a reliable and approachable utility designed to create quickly, personalize, and save important files with information about meetings, addresses, or personal thoughts and ideas.
Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000