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Mega RAR to Zip Converter offers a solution to a common problem, that is, converting RAR files to Zip. The program’s imposing front end leaves no doubt that the computer you’re working on was initially intended for complicated business processing.
Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Mega RAR To Zip Converter can be installed on Windows machines, Linux, and Mac. Its operation takes place either on a local drive, a network drive, or cde4edac5b⊳/

What do I do if I don’t want the animation?
If you don’t want the cat animation or some other animation, you can simply uninstall the app.
How can I get RunCat on my PC (Windows)?
RunCat is a portable app, meaning that you can put it on your desktop or notebook PC and open it at any moment. To do that, you have to head to File → Open File Location and browse to this folder: