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The effect is called chorus and its most basic is an Echo effect. There are many implementations in many languages: here are some links to the N-body simulator (under development) and to Echo effects.
N-Body Simulator

Echo effects

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What’s New In?

This is a simple distortion effect. It is seeded from input signal level and works similar to the “vengetage” of the amp noise and feedback. This distortion is driven by an input signal and goes in a range of -12db to +12db.

If the input is set to -3db, it will take it to -15db. Adding two to the signal will raise the signal level to +3db, making it +12db. The distortion changes slowly as the signal level changes.This effect is easier to understand if it is observed on paper.

For 0db input, the distortion is set to -12db and for +3db it is set to +12db. Add an input of one dB and the distortion will change by one dB.

Note: For this effect to work, we must be able to adjust the distortion level in a continuous range.

Input controls:

The distortion amount is set by the input, which can be between -12db and +12db.

*The negative range from -12db to 0db means a signal at this level will be distorted in the negative direction (the volume decreases). A positive range means the volume will increase.

*The +12db maximum input is needed to allow it to go over 12db.

Let me know if there are any questions or issues!

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Angular JS – Changing an already instantiated object

I have a list of 12 questions and each question has a unique ID. How can I change the text of a question and make it so that it shows the answer after the click of a button? I’m trying to do this using $scope.$watch but it’s not working. I think I’m doing something wrong. The code is below:


{{question.answers.length}} answer{{question.answers.length}}

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Mac Requirements:
PC Requirements:
If you don’t own the original and have not already played it or if you are new to the series, you’re in luck as the Remastered version has much of the original content and great improvements. The game plays similar to the classic games and will keep you hooked. If you enjoy a good space adventure and a good time then you should definitely pick this game up. You can get the game here on PlayStation Store for £6.99.
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