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CheckBCC is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that helps prevent unwanted recipients from receiving your messages in the BCC field when sending to mailing lists. When you make a mailing list, BCC will be used to identify the additional recipients who will receive the mailing. Having BCC (Backward-Copied) can be handy when you wish to ensure that you are not accidentally sending your mailing list to the wrong recipients. However, using BCC to identify the additional recipients could cause a problem, as if you accidentally send your mailing list to the wrong recipients, you could accidentally send them unwanted email messages. This is the point where we’re here to help. CheckBCC will check your mailing list to prevent such a scenario from happening. Read More »

As cloud computing and storage space is becoming more and more widely accessible, it has now become a very popular and convenient solution in order to reduce the requirement for planning, implementing and managing a datacenter. Microsoft, recognizing this, has essentially addressed this by bringing to users a variety of resources that fit well with each other, resulting in Microsoft Azure that became a very well-liked cloud solution, and considering this point of view, we have something pretty interesting for you this week.
We’re talking about Microsoft Azure Mgmt Studio (formerly cloud-studio) which, being the latest software version, it represents the experience of some developers and Azure experts, particularly those who wish to invest in the Azure experience in a particular way. This is the best suited solution for those people who are interested in building their infrastructure in cloud, and we’ll discuss what this solution is all about, the operating system it’s based upon and how it can help you to plan and administrate a cloud experience.
Cloud-Studio Overview
The name of this software was changed from cloud-studio a few months ago, probably for a more specific purpose, but we’ll discuss more about this later. Microsoft Azure Mgmt Studio essentially includes the whole Microsoft Azure experience management, focusing on the management of subscriptions, users, virtual machines and network resources.
Having the experience of the Microsoft Azure’s user interface, the Azure management studio is a mobile application with a simple and easy to use user interface, which makes everything related to the Azure usage accessible and will facilitate the tasks required by users. As it provides some users-friendly features, such as a dashboard and an overview screen that allows users to quickly get a grasp of the events and services occurring in

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Ticketing and todo list management software.

Each task has customisable reminders, time-based flags and scheduled appointments.

By modifying the pre-set reminder schedule, users can set as many reminders as they want for a task.

Organize tasks by date, tag or project and attach files.

A nice-looking web front-end is included to make it easy to view tasks and notifications and have them integrated in your existing web applications.

While some people know how to code others are forced to do it on their own. And you may be thinking, why should I spend my time learning how to code on my own? Well, due to advancements in smart technology, it’s becoming absolutely necessary to have the knowledge of how to code as many households are now dependent on it, for various uses.
Instead of buying an entirely new system or computer, you can make use of your existing machine by simply downloading the code and an easy installation procedure.
The startup, which is the support provider of the mentioned service, offers both desktop and mobile apps. As a result, you can make your smart home or even your entire digital life, a lot more useful and effective. With the included online management system, you can easily access your tasks, proceed from the created notifications and manage your details and data.
As a technical-minded individual, you can benefit a lot from the added features the said system provides, without compromising on the management features that it offers.
The startup officially launched its new app in the mobile app stores, with PC and Mac users being the first to download and then install it.

Designed for office groups, this application is packed with different features, such as to-do lists, e-mails, calendars, task managers and more.

The app provides you with the tools you need in order to manage your communication and work efficiently.

Its main purpose is to create a digital workspace, with all elements found in a typical workstation being present.

With simple features and intuitive navigation, the app will help you get things done.

With its in-built Slack integration, this app can enable you to easily share work and collaborate.

2. Wire

Wire is a messenger for the next generation. With a fresh interface that adopts the messaging app trend, it provides you with many innovative features to enhance your messaging experience. From video calls to group chats, it tries to make chatting simple


Allows you to check for duplicate email addresses that may appear in your spam list. Use this add-in to ban and prevent mailers from sending email messages to your collection of email addresses. When you perform a mass mailing, it’s common for parties to send the same message to multiple email addresses. Your customers will be offended if they receive a message that is intended for somebody else. When this happens, you are now in violation of the SPAM Act and could receive penalties. Click Here for more info
How to get it:
Download and install CheckBCC
When you start Outlook, check for unwanted recipients before sending an email message. Allow the program to make the necessary changes.
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CheckBCC allows users to make the necessary changes automatically, including adding or removing duplicates.

It is specifically designed for those who use Microsoft Outlook to maintain a list of email addresses.

With a few clicks, it will check and warn you if the number of recipients is above the threshold value.

If you’re a subscriber, you can request to have the email address of your subscribers changed or removed from your lists.

If you’re a manager,

What’s New in the CheckBCC?

CheckBCC is a new Outlook add-in that scans contacts in a given mailing list, and sends an email to you if it finds recipient email addresses in the BCC field that are not part of the mailing list.
It does this by checking the email address of each recipient against the whitelist of contacts in your address book.
Read the full review here, and try it free! (24/7, no credit card info)

…listed as such. After all, some of us are ashamed of the labels, but let’s face it: we can’t really avoid them, can we?
So what if we just accept them? What if we just accept the fact that we all have the same things in common, and therefore we could use these labels to actually help people without creating discriminatory walls? In the end, that would make it one step closer to trying to help ourselves.
For those that might still be on the fence, the GADAM-suite of labels, with the name GADAM meaning the old Roman phrase ‘Gather the data’, is a group of numerous labels that are known to be associated with each other, as well as having specific meanings. To further add to its utility, the authors of GADAM have put the labels into three categories; GADAM-love, GADAM-hate, and GADAM-in-between.
The labels of the GADAM suite include:
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In fact, there are 3-4 more labels and depending on which theme you choose, you can even be considered to be GAD

System Requirements For CheckBCC:

Please read the requirements below for your specific game title.
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Please use an up-to-date NVIDIA-based graphics card
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Please use a PCI-Express 2.0 graphics card (except for NVIDIA GeForce 8 series and above)
Please use a PCI-Express 3.0 graphics card (except for NVIDIA GeForce 8 series and above)
Please use a graphics card that can support OpenGL 3.2