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Keymacro is a keyboard shortcut recorder that will help you remember or record any text, URL, and keypresses of your system. You don’t even need to know the specific key codes to create a recording. Just add your text or keyboard shortcuts by pressing the key on your keyboard and select the type of recording you need.
Keymacro is freeware for the basic version and only $15 per year to continue with advanced features.
Learn more here:


This set of virtual keyboards is compatible with both Android and iOS, and they are free for you to download.
They allow you to quickly change the layout of the keyboard, which is a very useful feature for those who like to play games or use their smartphones for typing. In this set of virtual keyboards, you can make your text input method as fast as possible, or simply switch to a different layout whenever needed.
The way it works is by letting you install the different keyboards and switch between them from the notifications list. A few of these apps provide a multitasking menu for different activities, which is also quite convenient to reach.
Which keyboard should you try?
We recommend Keyboard Recorder, which offers a clean interface and the ability to record single presses of each key on your keyboard, or a complex sequence like the one you might have to type. It’s totally up to you. The app is completely free and available for both Android and iOS.
The same goes for Keyboard Pad, an app that offers a better keyboard for typing on the go. It’s totally free and offers different layouts for any type of device you might have, whether it’s an Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or even other platforms like Windows or macOS. The feature that makes Keyboard Pad stand out the most is that it can rotate the phone or tablet around the center, which means that you can make it fit to a screen with perfect accuracy.
Good? Try keyboardkeys, which is a set of keyboard and browser apps available for Android. The keyboards you can install are classic, customized, or even emoji ones. Besides, the app also has a very handy dictionary to quickly look up words you might not know.

The problem with Windows 10 is that it doesn’t offer the most important feature that Apple’s Mac operating system has: the screen keyboard. Sure 384a16bd22

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– An in-depth program for color changing, magnifying and other tricks.
– A ton of buttons for quick creation of all sorts of macros.
– Ability to customize what keys are used for specific macros.
– Unlimited number of macros
– Full-screen mode
– Minimization to the tray area
– Quick setup and uninstallation
– A few different themes

Chess Bench is a program to count moves in chess games and track the number of moves. The program supports player moves, captures and pawn moves and also registers the files in games.
Note that this feature is only available on Windows OS. It is not compatible with Linux.
Chess Bench provides a wide range of options, including the option to quickly load and save games.
The package is also equipped with a library of chess moves, thus providing the convenience of having all relevant moves readily available.

Kopu is a portable clipboard manager that allows you to easily copy and paste information between applications. It can save clipboard data in a number of formats, including text, RTF, HTML, image and XML.
The program can also work as an image viewer, allowing you to view images of documents, web pages and executable files.
You can import text files or folders, and create new files or folders.
It has a wide selection of image editing tools, including filters, editing, cropping and rotation. It also has a color picker, which you can use to quickly select colors.
The program can also show the current working directory and change the position of the scrollbar accordingly.
The menu also has links to other relevant tools, such as to hex editor, text editor and archive manager. You can organize your clipboard data according to date, file type, project or by other criteria.
Furthermore, the program supports tag keys and allows you to have a convenient history. This enables you to have a history of all the data you have copied.
NOTE: Kopu requires Windows 7 or later.

A completely free utility that lets you make and receive free calls from the Internet, in a simple and safe way.
You just need an Internet connection and the website and you are ready to go. You can make unlimited calls in a couple of minutes.

FREEPHONE is a free tool for making free calls to people who use FREESWITCH.

To make a call, connect the Internet to your computer and launch FREEPвђ-fzmovies/