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CommandXpress is designed to be a command-line-based GUI for Windows and macOS, that combines a set of essential tools within a tabs-based interface, so that you can build, execute and manage your favorite commands, with efficiency and speed, with ease and simplicity.


Defining aliases (shortcuts)

There are many reasons why you might want to have aliases, and with the potential number of existing shortcuts being more than the can be effectively managed, one can be considered as better than the other.

The most relevant data structure for keeping track of existing shortcuts is the CLI alias.


Defining regular expressions

CommandXpress allows for the easy creation, editing, and execution of regular expressions, even if you do not have the skill and experience, respectively.
Regular expressions are often used to perform a variety of actions, such as search and replace, parsing text, etc.

This is one of the most important aspects of any base-based text editor, and can be easily discovered and performed with minimal effort.

On this regard, CommandXpress makes that endeavor even more easy.


Generating, visualizing, and executing data

Looking at data can often be an important step to achieving your desired results.

CommandXpress makes it possible to easily generate the information you require, as well as visualize it in many ways.

With the columnar data output of CommandXpress, it is possible to simultaneously generate the data in a user-friendly way.


Packaging and executing a collection of commands

In a way that combines the complexity of other tools, and the simplicity of CMD, CommandXpress is capable of packaging and executing a collection of commands, as well as to provide the ability to manage even the largest collections, while still being accessible and simple.

Object orientation and other best practices make for the efficient and well-organized command execution process in CommandXpress.


Forming and running functions

Scripts are often used in many different contexts, and can be difficult to implement (and implement them correctly).

This is the case with any languages that rely on a CMD-based environment. The strength of CommandXpress is that it provides many of the same features, with a new GUI and a new tabbed interface.

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The CommandXpress command-line interface enables you to execute any command or process on your system, from a simple list of built-in items to a selection of hundreds of custom commands created by yourself.
Easy access and quick execution of commands, preferably through a GUI method.
View all the great features of CommandXpress and get to see them in action.

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CommandXpress 2017 PC/Windows

CommandXpress is the easiest way to create your own commands. It offers a real CMD prompt, which lets you use shell built-ins. It’s the easiest way to do things like wget, search the internet, open your favorite programs, change directory, or even download things from FTP. Create your own commands in seconds, and have them instantly working on your computer.
CommandXpress is a command prompt simulator, lets you run the normal CMD as if it was a real CMD command prompt. With hundreds of built-in commands and thousands of user-defined commands, it’s the easiest way to do things like wget, search the internet, open your favorite programs, change directory, or even download things from FTP.
CommandXpress is a keyboard only, no mouse required, command prompt simulator, on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.
CommandXpress Features:
Fully customizable application, made from scratch, with no dependencies, which allows for full CMD customizability.
Fully scriptable application, in terms of input, and output.
Works with the entire CMD world, offering you the full functionality you would expect from a well-rounded, full-fledged, command line tool.
Ready to use out of the box, without the need to customize to your needs.
Even works on Mac, even on Linux, even on Windows, without the need for virtualization technology, with a simple, and straight-forward, direct install.
Built in shell built-in support, including the ability to pipe, redirect, capture, and download.
Full command history, with history re-loading.
CommandXpress supports multiple file types and encodings, in terms of input and output.
Supports TCP and UDP protocols.
Save and load your custom commands.
Works with command-line arguments, when available.
Works with.bat,.sh,.exe, and.cmd files.
Powerful scripting engine, which includes Unicode support, multi-line commands, and other advanced functionalities.
Gives you access to the entire CMD script world, with scripts coming from all over the web, in the form of README files, multiple language run-codes, and a huge library of ready-made scripts.
Official Mac App Store page:
Official Windows App Store page:

What’s New In CommandXpress?

From the developer:
CommandXpress is an open source command line interface tool.
CommandXpress allows users to easily convert the command line to a user interface.
The aim of this app is to:
* Provide a tool to convert command line interface to interface for end users
* Provide a command line interface tool with simple look and feel like a regular GUI application
* Provide command line interface to beginners and advanced users alike
* Command execution and execution profile
* Commands and profiles can be saved
* Edit and run commands and profiles from the app
* Auto complete command line
* Commands can be run one by one
* Command commands can be run from the “Go” button to the start and stop command
* Command profiles can be run from the “Go” button to the start or stop command
* Command commands can be added to the favorites list for later use
* Command execution time can be set
* Watch process/command start and stop
* Time management for user defined time interval
* User defined profiling from.profile file
* Duration/result display for user defined time interval
* Custom defined status messages for user defined time interval
* Start monitoring process
* Custom defined file location for users defined time interval
* Custom defined location for user defined time interval
* Run as the system user
* Define user defined permission for commands
* Define process/command listen command
* Define short command alias
* Define custom commands
* Define tools for command
* Define the explorer tool
* Define command line tool
* Define workspace
* Define the remote URL tool
* Define data dump tool
* Define other command
* Define custom commands
* Custom commands can be done one by one
* Custom commands can be run from the “Go” button to the start and stop command
* Commands can be added to favorites list for later use
* Custom commands can be run from the “Go” button to the start or stop command
* Run as the system user
* Define user defined permission for commands
* Define workspace
* Define custom commands
* Define commands for tool
* Define tools for command
* Define command line tool
* Define custom commands
* Define data dump tool
* Define other command
* Define custom commands
* Custom commands can be done one by one
* Custom

System Requirements For CommandXpress:

OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7
Memory: 256MB
Graphic card: GeForce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 series / Intel HD Graphics 3000
Internet: WiFi
Hard Drive: ~36 GB
Video Output: 720 x 1280
Input: Keyboard / Mouse / Gamepad
Sound: DirectX®9.0 compatible sound card, analog speakers, headphone jack, USB microphone
Input Jacks: 1 / 3 / 4 / 2 / 6 / R, X, Y
Processor: 2.66 GHz,