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WDL is meant to be a library that you can mix with whatever 3rd party toolkits you like. The idea is to make it easy to use C/C++ code inside your 3rd party toolkits (i.e. Csound/NKS) by wrapping it up in a higher level interface.
WDL is a complete, or almost complete, implementation of the Windows DirectShow API. It is designed to be a “stable, production grade” implementation of DirectShow and is not designed to be a “conceptually new” wrapper.
WDL is meant to be run as a 32 bit DLL or static library, as opposed to the the DLLs generated by some other wrappers (like DirectShow-Wrapper) which are intended to be run as a 32 bit process.
WDL is meant to be a complete library, rather than a collection of partial libraries.
WDL is, as I understand it, a DLL that does not force the caller to link with any other DLLs (i.e. a dll that does not contain other libs, or even headers).
Why WDL?
I’ve written the WDL C++ DirectShow library in the past, however I no longer want to support Windows Media Audio, and I think that I’d like to get away from Windows Media Encoder.
One reason for this is the recent changes to the DRM API in Windows Vista, which makes it considerably more difficult to write DRM filters.
I’m also now feeling a bit overcommitted, having recently started working on Deinonize.
That said, I think that there is a niche for a DirectShow-based cross-platform video encoder/player for Linux and Mac OS X.
WDL is one way of solving this problem.
(I might also note that I don’t want to have to write my own encoder/player from scratch, especially when I don’t feel that I’ve got the time for it, or that I’m particularly interested in the project – and I’m certainly not going to re-invent the wheel on Linux or Mac OS X).
WDL provides complete functions for converting between Windows Media Audio and OGG/Vorbis audio formats, and to handle video images.
WDL uses the BWL Video Transform filter (based on iFFmpeg), which I feel is a very good fit for the project.
WDL does not currently include MPEG/JPEG support eea19f52d2

ilverDox SDK is a feature-rich document viewer control for Silverlight that allows native PDF and XPS document viewing as well as conversion to Silverlight from any printable document formats such as MS Office, PS, EPS, and PDF.
The viewer includes support for resolution independent vector graphics, text search and highlighting, printing, and fast incremental download of documents. The viewer supports viewing of large files, printing, and the ability to navigate through the documents.
The control is suitable for use on mobile devices such as netbooks, smartphones, and other portable devices with limited CPU and memory resources.
SilverDox SDK supports the use of the Silverlight document control without the use of any server side technology and allows users to upload documents to any web site and to send links to their documents without any programming. The SDK does not require any XPS specific features or support for printing.
Because SilverDox documents are standards compliant web optimized subset of XPS format, the files can be viewed, printed, and manipulated using WPF,.NET, or any other XPS technology.
SilverDox SDK Features:
ilverDox SDK allows a developer to embed a feature-rich native PDF document viewer control in a Silverlight application.
The control supports various document formats such as PDF, XPS, MS Office, and many more.
The viewer is natively supported on Silverlight 4 and above. Silverlight is fully supported on all current and future operating systems, including the upcoming Windows 8.
SilverDox SDK converts any printable document formats to Silverlight format. The document files can be viewed with any XPS viewer control or any other XPS viewer with minimal effort.
The control includes sophisticated graphics, printing, searching, and highlighting capabilities, allowing for fast, fully featured viewing and navigation of documents.
Document files can be uploaded to the viewer without the need for the viewer to poll the server for updates or to require any specific server side technology. SilverDox SDK provides support for the HttpFileStream for improved performance.
The viewer control supports PDF and XPS document sizes up to 2 Gigabytes.
ilverDox SDK is a comprehensive document control for Silverlight.
The control includes support for not only the native XPS format, but also many other document formats such as PDF, MS Office, PS, EPS, and more.
The control converts any printable document formats into Silverlight format.
The viewer is natively supported on