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The Scotland Yard Enterprise Employee In/Out Board is a visual management tool for managing your employees. You can find out who’s in and who’s out for each shift, each day, or each week.
You can also see who’s in and who’s out on your computer.

Arrange in-computers by company or department, assign work by time or by employee, display information about your employees, allocate and track your co-workers, assign equipment to your computers, and create reminders for your day to day tasks.


Start-up License: $495.00 (tax & shipping included)

2 Month: $1,965.00 (tax & shipping included)

3 Month: $3,785.00 (tax & shipping included)

4 Month: $5,670.00 (tax & shipping included)

5 Month: $7,560.00 (tax & shipping included)

6 Month: $10,460.00 (tax & shipping included)

License Activation: 12 Months. $1,470.00 (tax & shipping included)

Please contact us for special rates for multiple computers, state fees, and/or multi-location pricing.

The “Holy Grail of HR Software”

Scotland Yard is our flagship product. Originally designed for the hospitality industry, it quickly became the standard for employment resource management software for hospitality, corporations, and government agencies. We then turned to the general market. Scotland Yard was the first Employee In/Out Board for Windows which allowed you to customize the board to your specific needs. Scotland Yard was one of the first programs to allow you to customize your employee lists. Scotland Yard was also the first program to allow you to enter detailed information about your employees, including pay, job title, and department.

We’ve continued to add features, fix bugs, and continually improve Scotland Yard. You can read more about our software and our growth by visiting our About Us page.

We have three downloadable versions of Scotland Yard. A “Standard” version which is free to download and use and two upgraded versions, the “Pro” version and the “Semi-Pro” version. You can choose which version of Scotland Yard you want. We do offer a discounted upgrade to the Pro version or Semi-Pro version.

If you’re interested in downloading Scotland Yard, please follow the download instructions below.

Scotland Yard is in no

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CutAway Free Download

What’s New In CutAway?

Screensaver: made with the Gimp, just for you to enjoy! 🙂
Note: It would be cool to have a few “ready to go” cutaways
with the important parts that you need.

Thinking about? Feel free to contact me here to set up a meeting.


You are subscribed to the CUTAWAYS mailing list.
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You are subscribed to the CUTAWAYS mailing list.
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You are subscribed to the CUTAWAYS mailing list.
To unsubscribe use the link at the bottom of the page_t)u1,
(unsigned long long)v1,
*((uint64_t *)u2),
*((uint64_t *)v2));
* __atomic_compare_exchange_n is defined in the Linux kernel’s
* atomic.h header, but if the header hasn’t been included yet then
* we define it here, since there’s no way to get it from the
* compiler.
#if defined(__GLIBC__) && defined(__GLIBC_PREREQ)

__atomic_compare_exchange_n(int *c, const volatile int *v, int dv, int u1,
int u2)
int c1, c2, d1, d2;

d1 = __sync_val_compare_and_swap(&c, *v, *c + dv);
if (d1!= 0) {
c1 = *c;
d2 = __sync_val_compare_and_swap(&c, *v, *c – dv);
if (d2!= 0)
} else {
c1 = *c;
c2 = *c;
if (u1 < c1 && u2 < c1) *c = u1; else if (u1

System Requirements For CutAway:

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
What’s new in this version:
New Features:
– Fully redesigned UI
– New map type: Air Show
– New Multiplayer mode: Crazy Flight
– Added new planes: MV Hawk, MC Cobra, DC-3
– Added new events:
– 50th Anniversary – Aircraft Carrier Hornet
– North Atlantic War Thunder Air Show
– Tournament of Valor North Atlantic
– New Update: