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Denver Weather Center is an application that displays the current weather forecast for Denver. For those who live in the metro Denver area, this application provides a weather center that hovers above your other windows to keep you constantly informed. You must be connected to the internet for it to work. It gets weather information from the National Weather Service and displays the current temperature, relative humidity, pressure, dewpoint, and current or extended forecast.







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The weather center is a compact, floating widget, who is shown when you move the cursor over a window in the system tray, a corner of a window, a menu item, or your desktop. This widget provides a real-time, current weather forecast for the entire geographic area served by the National Weather Service. It also provides forecasts up to 8 days into the future with improved accuracy and a wider color display. A nice feature of this application is that it can be triggered by drag events, so a weather forecast can be displayed by hovering over a window. Other Features: * Each region can be customized with the city or town of the location for an improved weather reading. * Each day can be customized with the normal, day, and night-time temperature, which indicate when the weather is expected to be ideal and when it is expected to be in the extreme. * National air quality conditions is also indicated for each day. An indication for the nearest airport is provided as well. * The application also indicates the current weather conditions according to the color of the day. A nice feature is that the application has some sort of visual cache of the last 24 hours weather forecast, so if you click on the new forecast widget, you will get the last 24 hours forecast by default, which will be displayed for a short time before fading back. DenverWeatherCenter-main Now you can have the weather forecast for your city or region delivered to your desktop – without the need of opening any other applications. A tiny weather widget floats over your desktop. Just click on it once to activate and it will give you weather forecasts up to eight days. Drag it to a window to display forecast for that window. How do you use this cool application? If you want to use this you can: – Launch the application by clicking on its icon on your desktop. – Press Alt + Enter to bring up a menu where you can select “Browse File” or “View Properties”. (See the forum for more information) – You can customize the Weather widgets by opening the Properties window and changing the initial screen (you may want to set it to your desktop), scroll bars (length and color) and icon (color). Two in one, a weather widget and a weather calendar. When the system tray icon is clicked on, the weather widget displays the weather forecast, selected location,

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Not all weather apps are created equal. Sometimes, all you really need is a simple, awesome weather application that works. This is that app. With a very easy layout and simple interface, you can see the current temperature and some basic weather information. This app is for anyone looking for a simple weather display, including anyone who is not a meteorologist and just wants a nice, simple way to check the weather. Unlike many other weather apps, this application displays the weather for Denver, Colorado. It does this by pulling information from the National Weather Service. This means that if you live in an area outside of the Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins metropolitan areas, you will not see the same information as those who live here. Also, this application is free. If you are a fan of big weather apps, you’ll need to try this weather center. It’s a great size, has a clear layout, and makes it easy to get information on all four elements of the weather. Features: – High resolution image for the current forecast, based on areas near Denver, Boulder, Colorado and Fort Collins, Colorado – Shows you a weather radar, tornado tracker, and is compatible with GLONASS, GNSS, and GEOFENCE. – Shows local wind, highs and lows, and dewpoints in the metro Denver area – Shows conditions across the US, including hurricane information, and allows you to customize the info based on your location – The forecast and weather types are updated frequently by the developers – Has an adjustable dark and light mode, so it looks good on all devices – Includes a screen rotation feature for portrait and landscape viewing – Shows the current temperature – Shows the day’s high and low temperatures – Shows the day’s dewpoint – Shows the weather type – Displays the current conditions across the United States – Air pressure, barometric pressure, wind direction, and wind speed are shown if conditions are present – Shows wind and storm alerts – Shows the current and extended forecast – Shows the extended forecast and the current conditions forecast for the next few days, based on the area that you are currently in – Shows the forecast precipitation for all four United States NWS forecast areas: the Denver/ Boulder/Colorado region, the Colorado Front Range region, Fort Collins, Colorado, and the Front Range region. – Shows the 30-day forecast for each of the major NWS forecast areas: Denver/ 91bb86ccfa

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• Weather models are automatically chosen to display the current conditions in Denver. • Current and extended forecasts are provided for a 10 day period. • The popup box will display the current weather conditions. • Click on the news icon to display the extended and/or extra details. • Click on the wind icon to display a bar chart to show the forecasted winds for the current day. • The second pop up is displayed with the tornado warning icon that includes a sound alert and the current condition of all the tornadoes in the forecast area. • Long and short term clouds are mapped as a background. • Clicking on the clouds will zoom the view to see the current weather conditions. • The location icon will be updated and displayed according to which city is selected. • Clicking on the location button will zoom the view to see the current weather conditions for the city that is selected. • You may cycle between the cities by clicking the buttons on the top of the popup box. • The information will be refreshed when a new forecast or a new weather report is available. • The application will be able to open the local weather forecast window for you. • A schedule for the transition and position of the weather center is provided. • There is a 10 day forecast available on the application’s start page as well as a forecast for your city. • The forecast for all cities and days is displayed on the home page of the application. • Weather conditions for all cities and days are provided in popups and links to the online weather report. • Clicking on the link to the website will open that report in a separate window. • There is a 10 day forecast available on the website’s start page as well as a forecast for your city. • Weather conditions for all cities and days are provided in popups and links to the weather report. • Clicking on the link to the website will open that report in a separate window. • There is a 10 day forecast available on the website’s start page as well as a forecast for your city. • Weather conditions for all cities and days are provided in popups and links to the weather report. • Clicking on the link to the website will open that report in a separate window. • A map is included for any of the cities in the forecast. • Clicking on a point will display the weather conditions for that area. • The Internet connection has to be set to work on

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– Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 – Internet Explorer 8 or above – 15 GB free space – 5 GB RAM – 4 GHz processor – 64-bit OS – DirectX 11 compatible graphics card – Windows Media Player is available at no cost. System requirements: