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However, I cannot find a way to filter the data using the values inside the Data part, or its content, so I am looking for an alternative solution.


If your data is a CSV, the simplest way is to import it using the import command in LibreOffice Calc and to filter by the field Column1.
If you need to filter based on the values inside the field Cell1, you can use the MODIFY RULES dialog, but it’s tricky and seems to require that the column has been populated with the data you want to filter by.
Try this:

For example:

After you finish, save the file and double-click on it in the Calc window. After the file has opened in LibreOffice Calc, you can find the filter rule on the bottom right of the dialog.

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How do I hide a div on page load with jQuery?

I have an intro section, which I am trying to display on initial page load, but not reappear until a specific tab is selected.
My code is as follows:

I then have the following code:
$(document).ready(function() {

My problem is that it works on page load, but I need to reappear when a user selects the “About us” tab. Is there a way to make it so that it only appears once on page load?


You could try having a flag stored in localstorage, then when the page loads, check the flag to see if it’s been set.
// Set the flag if it doesn’t exist

// Check to see if the intro section is already displayed
if(localStorage.getItem(‘intro-visible’) == ‘true’){
} else {