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DotConnect For Bigcommerce Incl Product Key (2022)

dotConnect for Bigcommerce, developed by Alchemy Soft, is a set of ADO.NET tools for Bigcommerce that let users perform tasks that are connected to Bigcommerce from a database, ASP.NET, Windows Forms or Web Forms application. It provides a set of class libraries, a Server Explorer tool, a Data Access Layer (DAL) editor, and other facilities that enable users to work with Bigcommerce data. The components can be integrated into an application easily and easily utilizing the rich set of features that the components provide. The set of commands is designed for use in a variety of development scenarios in which users can perform tasks such as creating a new store, retrieving data in a specific format, working with searches, editing products, deleting products, updating prices, and more. The components integrate smoothly with each other as users want.

In addition to this.NET provider, Alchemy Soft also has a Bigcommerce VB.NET provider which is compatible with the.NET 4.0 framework. While the dotConnect for Bigcommerce framework contains more than 50 features, the VB.NET framework includes more than 50 features as well. In other words, this package of tools helps users achieve more tasks than their.NET counterparts (more about this framework and how it can be used in the next section).

The features of the following sections let users choose a Bigcommerce platform and let them enjoy working with the Bigcommerce’s features:


The following features are included in the.NET 4.0 framework components:


Here are the connections that are supported by this provider:







Data grids

This part of the set of.NET components helps developers perform data grid tasks in their applications. They can use this package to connect to a set of data sources and get necessary data from the data grid in a fast and easily usable way. They can work with the data grid in the following way:

Create and define the data grid control and styles.

Define the data store and bind the grid to it.

Work with the grid by using data loaders, filters, sorting, updating, and other tools provided by the package.

Bind a grid to a data source.

Set various attributes of the grid such as row count, column count, width and height.

DotConnect For Bigcommerce [Win/Mac]

Connect to Bigcommerce with only a few lines of code

Easily bind user controls and data grids to Bigcommerce data sources

Parsing and describing attributes from objects and retrieving values from data fields

Managing Bigcommerce data in the database-like manner

Retrieving, manipulating, and inserting data through SQL



dotConnect for Bigcommerce Free Download Features:

Bind Controls to Bigcommerce Data

View data in SQL







dotConnect for Bigcommerce License and Pricing:

Niche that offers support for.NET 2.0 and up

Costs a minimal sum of $199 per year

Provides free support for the latest Bigcommerce versions

Does not require data access training

Easy to use


Works with Express, Standard, Enterprise, and Premium Editions of Bigcommerce

Does not require the use of third-party libraries

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“When I originally looked at the options for connecting to Bigcommerce, I wasn’t sure what was the best option. I have to say that you guys did a great job with getting things connected, and it is very efficient. Our process from start to finish was fast, and easy. I would recommend your product to anyone! John Boulton – Quik Contractor Pros

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DotConnect For Bigcommerce X64 [Updated-2022]

This is an ADO.NET provider that can help users develop.NET applications with integrated Bigcommerce support through its wide variety of features.
You can use it to connect to your BigCommerce storefront directly from your.NET applications. It provides a solid.NET Framework integration and can interact with your BigCommerce backend using a wide range of options. No additional third-party tools or SDKs are required to make a connection. Instead, the user interface and the connection logic are handled by the provider automatically.

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What’s New in the DotConnect For Bigcommerce?

dotConnect for Bigcommerce is an ADO.NET provider that can help users develop.NET applications with integrated Bigcommerce support through its wide variety of features.

Given that it can handle multiple ADO.NET-specific classes makes it easy for users to benefit from its capabilities without having any previous knowledge about specific Bigcommerce data access concepts. Among the class list, users can find BigcommerceCommand, BigcommerceConnection, BigcommerceParameter, BigcommerceDataReader and BigcommerceDataAdapter.

Its integrated Server Explorer utility makes it possible that users can connect directly to their desired data source by performing a small number of steps. The actions that need to be accomplished are specifying the data source by choosing it from a list and providing the component with valid authentication details (a login name and a password).

Data grids, as well as other controls, can be bound to Bigcommerce by only configuring smart tags and data access layers can be built without requiring users to type code lines manually. These features simplify the users’ tasks by enabling them to work with their Bigcommerce data in a database-like manner.

Furthermore, the SQL support lets users organize their data source and retrieve data by performing SQL queries and using statements. Among the supported statements, users can find simple ones, such as UPDATE, SELECT, DELETE, INSERT and more advanced ones as well, including JOIN or WHERE.

“I never tried using any of BigCommerce’s database integrated controls, but am now, thanks to this framework. They’re much more powerful than many people know.” – BarryLui, 12/07/2015

“I was able to get this framework up and running extremely quickly. It took me only a couple hours to set up the sample database that they offer, then within a half hour I had a working version of my own.” – Martijn Walraven, 12/07/2015

“BigCommerce’s.NET controls are really convenient. It’s easy to create data access layers and they’re very fast to deploy” – RajeshSachne, 12/07/2015

“I’ve been a.NET developer for nearly 20 years now and have used dozens of different datasource technologies – Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Firebird, OpenBase, ODBC, etc. However, I’ve never really had the need to support a BigCommerce solution as I felt my data storage capabilities were sufficient.” – TomK, 12/07/2015

System Requirements For DotConnect For Bigcommerce:

OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo, AMD Athlon64 X2 or equivalent
RAM: 2GB RAM is recommended
GPU: DirectX 9.0c compatible with Shader Model 3.0 or better
HDD: 6GB free space
How to Install:
Extract “” to any folder on your PC
Copy and paste “sagwin_ads