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Supplementary Information

Supplementary information

We thank David Johnson for technical help, John Ofori-Atta, Moritz Lang, and Robert Schmidt for discussion and Bruce Bochner for technical support. eea19f52d2

Key Features
Calculate the soil parameters using the nearest-point approach, the direct method, shear wave propagation or Monte Carlo technique.
Choose between the standard or the current New Mexico State Formula No. 1, No. 1A, No. 2A or No. 2B equations.
Choose between hard or soft-iron-bearing soils.
Support dual or single calculations.
Calculate each parameter as a function of depth.
Choose between high- or low-resolution data.
Choose between high- or low-precision calculations.
Output results in CSV or MS Excel file formats.
Built-in Charts, Validation and Warnings.
Data format compatibility:
.csv – works with Excel;
.xlsx – works with MS Excel;
.txt – works with Notepad;
.txt or.csv – works with Excel.


CPT-Conquest is a very simple yet powerful tool developed to calculate the properties of soil, including the consolidation index, permeability and permeability factor. However, in most cases, engineers may use the program to determine the bearing capacity of buried structures, such as pipelines.
This software comes with a nice interface that allows you to enter all the data and parameters directly and instantly. In addition, the developers of CPT-Conquest have added a couple of calculators in the main window, such as a possibility to determine the permeability (Pm) of a soil/soil-rock material. With this tool, you can also establish the permeability of a soil by using the project defined permeability factor (Bm) and the unit area (St) along with the calculation of a permeability factor by using the method of area weighting (Bw).
CPT-Conquest is offered in 4 different editions:
Professional – It includes the following calculations:

Field Density
Permeability Factor

Commercial – It includes the following calculations:

Bearing Capacity
Consolidation Index

Personal – It includes the following calculations:

Bearing Capacity
Consolidation Index

NovoCPT CPT Advanced

NovoCPT CPT Advanced is a powerful software designed to help engineers carry out CPT calculations with great ease. It is available in two editions: Professional and Commercial.
As stated above, this software can perform a large range of calculations, such as determining the consolidation