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If you’re surfing on the web and suddenly your Google Chrome browser crashes, it is possible that the application is hacked. Google has recently announced that they are changing their search page and it will provide an easier and more user-friendly search page. The new search page is “Chrome Web Store” and it will not require the user to have a Google account to use it.

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HxD Hex Editor is a very convenient and powerful program that lets you edit and create hexadecimal files.
It supports the editing of various files, including disks, in all available formats, such as both binary and ASCII.
The included tutorials will teach you how to handle hex codes and write your own.
HxD has a simple, friendly interface that enables you to work with files with a few mouse clicks.
The Hex Editor can edit files of different types, such as Pascal, C, C#, Java, Visual Basic.NET, TeX, 16-bit, 20-bit and 32-bit Intel, as well as Motorola S19, S28 and S37 records.
The editor supports both Unicode and non-Unicode data. You can insert bytes in hex, decimal and octal modes, as well as specify the filling pattern.
The program gives you the ability to undo the actions you carry out, cut, copy and paste, add characters in hex, decimal, and octal mode, and select the text you want to search or replace.
You can also specify the beginning and end of the block to edit, and establish the number of bytes per row. You can adjust the content to the window width, use search and replace functions with filters (data type, Unicode string, case sensitive, prompt on replace, search direction), jump to a particular offset and set the relative point (begin, current offset, backwards).
The hexadecimal code can be adjusted to fit the window width, and it is possible to establish the number of bytes per row.
You can also open the main memory of a running process, open a disk or disk image, concatenate, split or shred files, integrate HxD into the Explorer context menu, enable automatic backups, customize colors and fonts, and others.
There are dozens of useful features included in the software, as you can use it to edit hexadecimal codes, to check, compare and generate checksums of files.
What is New in HxD 5.00?
The Hex Editor provides new files.
The new version has a GUI using the Nano Text Editor.
System Requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
Dedicated Pentium 4 or higher with at least 4 GB of RAM.
At least Windows 2000/2003/2008.
The software can be downloaded from the website, and it is released in various installation types depending on