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Secure Delete Files is a lightweight application that enables you to permanently erase the data from the file system table and hence, eliminate the risk associated with the file being restored and the data made accessible again.
Straightforward functionality, yet does not include a UI
You should know that the program does not include an interface, but it integrates into the context menu of Windows Explorer. Even though it relies on one of the most reliable deletion algorithms, the lack of a UI could make some users reluctant regarding the overall efficiency of the app.
While the idea here is to make wiping data as simple as possible, it would have been nice if the app included an interface where you can process multiple files at the same time. Then again, the simple fact that you can access it from the context menu any time makes things more convenient and faster.
It relies on the Bruce Schneier algorithm for deletion
It is necessary to mention the program uses the Bruce Schneier algorithm to erase the files. In case you did not know, the algorithm entails that the data is deleted 26 times and then random data is overwritten on it 5 times.
Therefore, you can be sure that the data deleted cannot be recovered with other third-party software solutions. Although not as efficient as a deep hard disk formatting, it is an option worth considering.
A simple utility for wiping files and keeping your privacy
In the eventuality that you are commonly working with files that contain sensitive data on your personal computer and want to make sure they are unrecoverable after you erase them from your computer, then perhaps you should consider trying out Secure Delete Files.

Simple to use
Lightweight utility
Notifies when the deletion process is complete
Keeps your privacy safe, no more search engine results for your files
It does not include a UI, but works with Windows Explorer
Allows you to securely delete individual files or multiple files in bulk


Does not include a UI
The data you want to permanently delete cannot be recovered in case you remove the file from the file system table
It relies on the Bruce Schneier algorithm

It includes multiple files in bulk.

You can select files from the file system table and securely delete them, while Secure Delete Files will do the same for the multiple files.
There is no option to choose which files to delete, and you must do so one by one.

Secure Delete Files 3.0.3

Secure Delete Files is a lightweight application that enables you eea19f52d2

Xilisoft Video to DVD Converter is a handy, convenient, easy-to-use video software program. This is the perfect program to transform any video to DVD-quality videos. With it, you can convert any video, and it’s always easy to use. Xilisoft Video to DVD Converter supports most video formats, including AVI, MPEG, DivX, XviD, VOB, WMV, and more.
Key Features:
1. Convert AVI/MPEG/DivX/XviD/VOB/WMA/WMV to DVD
2. Extract Audio from Video Files
3. Make Movie DVD Menu
4. Make DVD for iPhone
5. Adjust the Video effect: Brighten, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Black & White
6. Crop Video
7. Templates: Built-in templates to make your video more beautiful
8. Watermark: Built-in watermark for your video
9. Editing: Cut video, adjust duration, volume, trim, split videos, merge video
10. DVD-Menu Creator
11. Multimedia: Capturing video from digital camera, camcorder, microphone, etc.
Key Highlights:
Convert almost any popular video formats to DVD-quality
It allows you to easily make DVD, movie, play, manage, edit, add watermark, edit, crop video, cut, merge, split, trim, volume, etc.
With the built-in player, you can easily preview your video
Add background music/picture, customize DVD menu, and so on
Create stylish DVD menu with video clip, background music/picture, opening video, etc.
Burn videos to DVD folder, and ISO
Create your customized DVD menu with various options such as background music/picture, title, video clip, opening video, and more
Create DVD with your personal video
Create DVDs with video files such as AVI, MPEG, XviD, DivX, VOB, WMV, and more
Create DVD folders for portable and home DVD players
Make DVDs for iPhone
Select various video formats for DVD conversion
Audio: Extracts audio from video files
Crop: Crop the video to your desired position and size
Effects: Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, etc.
Customize the video effects: Brighten, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Black & White
Trimming: Edit video duration, trim, and