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Cssspider is a fast and lightweight online CSS editor for Google Chrome. The application is intuitive and easy to use. It provides a variety of features that make it easy to edit the CSS of any webpage. Use it to quickly preview your CSS changes.
Newest Version: v1.4
Date Updated: 2016-12-11


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Eloqua Experience Cloud offers you multiple ways to monitor and review customer interactions. To help you plan and optimize your customer experience, we have developed a new intuitive solution called the Visual Dashboard. It offers a detailed overview of all interactions, both real and virtual, as well as a timeline view that lets you explore what’s been happening in the past and what is scheduled for the future.

Highlights of the Visual Dashboard include:

● Easily display your customer interactions in a timeline view
● Compare the actual to the planned customer interactions
● See how many customer interactions, calls, and messages you have on average
● Assign an event to a specific customer
● Check out how many customers have made real or virtual calls or sent messages

Highlights of the Timeline view include:

● View customer interactions, calls, and messages over time
● Detailed view of each interaction with a call transcript and notes
● See what went well or went wrong during each interaction

Highlights of the Real-Time Statistics view include:

● See whether real or virtual interactions have higher than average success rates
● View how successful each interaction is
● Analyze which interactions have the highest success rates

Highlights of the Customer Activity view include:

● See how well each interaction, call, and message performed
● Analyze how much time it takes to answer a call and send a message
● See who you sent a call or message to and whether the person is on an internal or external phone
● Compare the success rates of each contact type

Highlights of the Task Visualizer include:

● See how well each contact has been performed
● Use it to improve your contact strategies
● Identify which tasks need to be scheduled and which can be done by real customers
● Assign tasks to your assigned customers

After installation, the Visual Dashboard automatically becomes visible at

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We all know that how important it is to learn english.
If you want to learn and practice english with great ease and having fun then try this one. It helps you to learn and practice the English Verbs.
What can you do with this one. This is not a verb class, but a list of verbs. you can use it to teach your children the verbs.
If you teach your children only nouns, then you are not teaching them verbs.
It contains 5000 verbs which you can use and play with.
Features of the application:
You can write your own verbs.
It allows you to write verbs with different characteristics.
You can add your verbs in the application.
It also offers you a list of verbs that can be added to the application.
You can write a description for the verbs.
Each verb has a picture.
You can also add the words like…
Regular verbs,Past Tense,Past Participle,Past Perfect,Present Tense,Future Tense,Imperative, Passive Voice, Present Subjunctive, Present Perfect Subjunctive, etc.
Write your comments for your verbs in the comment box.
You can also add your verbs in the comment box.
Have Fun.

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