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* The Photoshop Collection provides an inexpensive way to get started with Adobe Photoshop. A Digital Press Training DVD is available separately from the software. Chapter 5 of this book provides an introduction to the program as well as a discussion of general Photoshop rules.
* Purchasing the Photoshop Elements program at a fraction of the cost of the full Photoshop program provides several great features, including most of Photoshop’s editing tools, free printing, editing video, and more. You can find out more about this program at

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# Meeting the Major Tools of Photoshop

Photoshop uses the familiar tools found on the tools palette (see Figure 12-4). From top to bottom: the New Document button, the Image button, the Edit ▸ Picture Tools ▸ Adjust Color button, the Select ▸ Modify ▸ Contract tool, the Select ▸ Modify ▸ Expand tool, the Color ▸ Levels tool, the Edit ▸ Fill button, the Image ▸ Adjust ▸ Invert tool, the Select ▸ Modify ▸ Convolve tool, the Select ▸ Modify ▸ Blur tool, the Select ▸ Modify ▸ Sharpen tool, the Blur ▸ Sharpen tool, the Select ▸ Modify ▸ Curves tool, the Select ▸ Modify ▸ Distort tool, the Select ▸ Modify ▸ Reduce Noise tool, the Select ▸ Modify ▸ Adjust Noise ▸ Sharpen Noise ▸ Reduce Noise tool, and the select ▸ Modify ▸ Emboss tool.

**Figure 12-4:** The Tools palette contains most of Photoshop’s editing tools.

— | —

In addition to the tools palette, there are three stacks of tools available in Photoshop. These stacks are described in Table 12-2.

Table 12-2 Stacks of Photoshop Tools

Stack | What It Does

— | —

Tools | This stack is in the middle of the workspace and contains all of Photoshop’s standard editing tools. It includes the Layers panel, the Paths panel, the Filter panel, and the Channels panel.

Swatch | This stack is on the left of the Tools stack. It contains all of Photoshop’s swatches.

Custom Colors | This stack is on the right of the Tools stack. It contains the

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It is available as a standalone version, and an online version, Adobe Photoshop Touch for mobile devices and as a web app. It also contains a web version, which is just like the desktop version except that it opens in the browser window instead of in a new window.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is available in several languages. French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish are available in English.

The dark theme can be applied for user interface elements on the web version to give it a similar look to that of the desktop version.

Software features of Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an online tool that contains all the basic Adobe Photoshop Elements tools for editing and creating new high quality images.

It contains the following features:

Basic editing

Image creation

Photo and video effects

Scratch-art creation


Create drawing, painting and 3D effects

More tools





Smart object

Live text

Convert to type

Create cross-processing images




Smart object

Effects for retouching






Lighten and Darken

Gamma Adjustment

Color Correction

Bring Out The Colors


Bucket Fill

Healing Brush



Color Invert





Dodge and Burn

Automatic Adjustment





Unsharp Mask

Motion Blur



Replace Color

Bleach Bricks

Instant Art

Artistic Edges

Red Eye

Invert Colors

Blacks and Whites

Vignette VE

Smooth Brush

Spill Removal




Auto Smoothing


Blacks and Whites




Fractal filter


Sort Layers

Zoom Extents



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Figures given are mean ± SD from 10 cells for each condition.

[^1]: Academic Editor: Jeffrey C. Wang
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