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If you are a newbie in the SNMP protocol and you are looking for a tool that is free and easy to use, then SNMP Tester might be a good choice for you. This tool is lightweight, easy to use and compatible with a large set of devices.
It offers a single window interface, where you can test a SNMP device by pointing out the hostname or IP address, and community name. Alternatively, SNMP Tester can perform a basic benchmark on the local host. SNMP Tester can also run at system startup, and save the report in a plain text document for further scrutiny. SNMP Tester includes detailed information on its inner workings in the included Readme file.
The tool has a fair reaction speed and it did not decrease overall performance in our tests. The interface is easy to navigate and it is not overloaded with un-needed options. In other words, the tool is ideal for beginners and advanced users who want to get started testing SNMP devices.
Download SNMP Tester:
Download SNMP Tester file (RunSetup.exe) from the download section. Extract the contents to a folder of your choice and run the executable.
The interface of the tool will be displayed.
Click the Scan button.
A list of compatible devices will be shown. Click on the link of the device you want to test.
SNMP Tester Screenshot:

System Requirements for SNMP Tester:
The minimum requirements for SNMP Tester are listed below:
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
RAM: 256 MB
HDD Space: 100 MB
SNMP Tester Readme:
File Size: 78 Kb
Update History:
01.04.2017: Fixed incorrect handling of the exit code (fixed bug that prevented the user from stopping the SNMP Tester)
01.01.2017: Added a ‘Linux’ folder (Linux is currently not supported)
29.10.2016: Updated the Readme file
26.10.2016: Added the option to select the SNMP version from the interface.
23.10.2016: Minor changes in the device handling. Now SNMP Tester can stop or start the SNMP service with the click of the OK button. The ‘Stop’ button will only stop the SNMP service.
06.10.2016: Added the ‘Stop’ button to the ‘Bench eea19f52d2

1. It has an attractive and friendly user interface.
2. It is very efficient, with a very simple and straightforward user interface.
3. It has a very large library with more than 10.000 courses.
4. Its library can be downloaded to your hard drive or USB memory device.
5. Sync contents of the Library and library of the Campus platform.
6. It enables you to open different format files on your computer.
7. Its library is categorized.
8. It allows you to create your own categories.
9. It provides you with a reading table.
10. It can collect information about various courses.
11. It has a good interface to navigate through courses and other materials.
12. It has an automatic downloading function.
13. It has a synchronization function that can automatically sync contents on its account on the Learning and the Campus platform.
14. It has a calendar function.
15. It can record your preferences.

What’s New in This Version:
1. Option of automatic sync of your library to your desktop version or mobile application.
2. Print preview now works.
3. Filter search based on source or date.
4. Invite friends now show in the list.
5. Search for different courses using tags.
6. Import, Export and share a course.
7. Add courses manually by dragging and dropping courses from the download list.
8. New interface design.
9. Additional product features

What’s New in Version 7.9.1
1. The mobile interface has been improved.
2. User location is now stored on the user profile.
3. Database back-up and restore is improved.
4. You can now share a course by email or a link.
5. A new user experience for tablets and mobile phones.
6. Many more bugs fixed.

Requirements: iOS 4.2 or later.

Version 7.9.2:
1. Synchronize more contents from the Learning campus to your desktop version.
2. Improved user experience.
3. More bugs fixed.

What’s New in Version 7.9.0:
1. Option of automatic sync of your library to your desktop version or mobile application.
2. Print preview now works.
3. Filter search based on source or date.
4. Invite friends now show in the list.