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Introduction The following topics will cover the basic uses of Photoshop along with advanced uses: Hands-on and Walkthrough Hands-on This tool allows you to find unwanted areas and lines in your photos and delete them. It works similarly to the Eraser tool in Illustrator. Find and Delete Photoshop has several editing tools, including Fill, Stroke, and Clone. It also includes crop, perspective grid, masking, layers, and more. Photoshop can be used as a vector graphics program as well. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use Paintbrush, Masking, layers, and more. Tools You’ll Use • Overall image editing • Crop • Raster image editing • Adobe® Bridge® • Photoshop • Vector graphics Steps Step 1: Edit Use the default Photoshop brushes to find areas on the photo that have good and bad exposure. Use the eraser tool to delete unwanted areas. Step 2: Crop Using your cropping tool, crop around any unwanted areas that are in the photo. Step 3: Raster Image Editing Using your cropping tool, crop the image to your desired dimensions. Step 4: Apply Filter Filter the photo to a particular type. Step 5: Transparent Background Using your cropping tool, move the background image behind the main photo. Step 6: Image Adjustments To edit the look of the photo, change the lighting and contrast of the photo. Step 7: Wipe Your Eyes With your image still selected, hit the W button to duplicate the photo and delete the unwanted areas. Step 8: Levels If the photo is looking too bright or dark, change the Levels. Levels Use Levels to change the brightness of an image. It’s the main tool for photo editing, and you can use it on the RGB (Red/Green/Blue) channel of an image. Tip: Adjust the Threshold You’ll use the Threshold tool to make an image lighter or darker. With the Threshold tool, click on a specific area of the photo to darken or lighten it. The Threshold tool automatically changes the RGB (Red/Green/Blue) channel of the image. You can see

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It is the first image editor available in a wide range of platforms including desktop and mobile, and is backed by the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Adobe Photoshop Elements has been replaced by Adobe Photoshop CC, a cloud-based version of Photoshop. It has features similar to the previous version. If you are looking for a alternative to Adobe Photoshop, you can also try Why Use Photoshop Elements? Adobe Photoshop Elements has an all-round collection of tools for editing and designing. It is a complete package that includes the Photoshop-like features and workflow, as well as many other tools. They have been carefully selected for novice users and professionals. With some additional functionality you will be able to work with images like a professional. Have you ever opened the Adobe Photoshop file without having any idea what to do? Or did you really like the idea of a square, black box for all your images? Photoshop Elements is the ideal alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop Elements comes as a complete and advanced software package. Powerful and Useful Features in Photoshop Elements You will find a great range of tools in Photoshop Elements for image editing and making graphic designs. However, there are a lot more than just the ones listed here: Adobe Photoshop Elements 1. Change the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Color of an image You can control the levels of brightness, contrast, and saturation of any image by dragging the color picker onto your image. When creating images you need to make sure that the image is in all the range of high, medium, low or low. For example, if you are taking an action shot of an art gallery or an image of someone’s face, then the images must be very clear. You can adjust the Saturation of the image by dragging the color picker onto the image. Dragging the color picker will allow you to adjust the Saturation of that particular image. There are so many different tools in Photoshop Elements. You will often need a tool for the right job. Try them out and you will be a more efficient graphic designer and photographer. Drag the color picker to any part of the image and it will show the image as it stands. 2. Quickly resize, crop, rotate, and straighten any image Even if you want to give your images a different look, you can quickly and easily resize, crop 05a79cecff

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Recommended: * Windows XP SP2 or later * Intel or AMD processor * 2 GB of free disk space (5 GB for the “Unrar” version) * 250 MB of free disk space (500 MB for the “Unrar” version) * DirectX9 compatible sound card (and up to 5.1 compatible speakers) * 256 MB RAM * DirectX9 compatible video card * DirectX9 compatible video driver * High-speed Internet connection Minimum: