Dropbox Folder Archiver Free

Since its release, Dropbox has been a reliable platform for uploading and sharing files. Using the service you can access the files you need most in your daily routine from any computer.
Dropbox Folder Archiver is an application that allows you to transfer files and folders from the Dropbox folder to your My Documents directory.
It’s a lightweight application that requires no installation and can be run immediately after you copy it on your computer. It automatically identifies the Dropbox folder from it’s default installation path, making transfer possible the moment you run the application.
For Dropbox Folder Archiver to work, you do need to have Dropbox installed on your computer. If you have it but its storage folder is located elsewhere than the default place, the application allows you to search for the Dropbox folder and set its location. You can also change the destination path for the ‘Documents’ folder.
The application has a more than comprehensive interface that makes it accessible to all kinds of users. It’s comprised from a window that displays large buttons along with indications on what they do.
With Dropbox Folder Archiver you are able to copy files from Dropbox to the archive in My Documents and delete the contents of Dropbox while still keeping the folder structure. You can also delete Dropbox completely and copy the structure from the archive.
Dropbox Folder Archiver is a very good tool to have for those who need to create backups of their Dropbox files and folders as well as it is a fast way of wiping the its content entirely. The transfer speed of the files is totally dependent on your hardware configuration as the applications provides no speed boost.
So, if you’re looking for a reliable and easy to use way of transferring files from the Dropbox folder to My documents, then you should definitely consider using Dropbox Folder Archiver.

Download ►►► https://urluso.com/2n215i

Download ►►► https://urluso.com/2n215i

Dropbox Folder Archiver Crack+ Serial Number Full Torrent Free Download

Dropbox Folder Archiver Serial Key is a tool which allows you to transfer files and folders from your Dropbox to your My Documents or other folder on your computer.
It’s a lightweight application that requires no installation. You can run the program instantly by copying the program from your computer onto your hard disk once you’ve downloaded it.
The program allows you to copy files from the Dropbox folder to the folder on your computer where you store your My Documents directory. It takes into account the folder structure in the Dropbox and will transfer all files in it and keep all sub-folders intact.
You can edit the destination path for the destination folder by selecting your hard drive, expanding the Windows folder and choosing ‘My Documents’.
You can select only the files and sub-folders you want to transfer and then delete the rest of the Dropbox files and folders.
Using Dropbox Folder Archiver Cracked 2022 Latest Version you can also delete the whole Dropbox account and copy the directory structure from the directory on your hard disk to the destination where the files have been moved.
The program also supports synchronization of all your Dropbox folders, offering a complete backups of the entire Dropbox folder. You can choose to synchronize just the folder you want or the entire Dropbox account.
Furthermore, the file archive in My Documents can contain a thumb-drive so you can copy it on any computer you need and start using it right away.
The application offers you comprehensive backup and synchronization features with the Dropbox platform.
Using Dropbox Folder Archiver you will have a compact window that displays a lot of buttons along with a status bar that provides you with the exact status of what’s being done.
What is New in “Dropbox Folder Archiver”?
– new interface!
– new features!
– new features!
– bug fixes!
– iFile – transfer files between your Dropbox and other locations!
– improved communication with other applications!
– improved stability!
Dropbox Folder Archiver supports the standard Windows interface and works with all common file formats such as.png,.jpg,.zip,.pdf,.rar,.txt,.html and other.
Dropbox Folder Archiver was designed for both the use at home and work with a fast and responsive user interface, but it can be used almost anywhere else.
Dropbox Folder Archiver was designed for Windows computers only.
New Version Available Now!
Dropbox Folder Archiver v3.0.1 is available to you.

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Dropbox Folder Archiver Crack + Free Download

Dropbox Folder Archiver Crack is a free application that allows you to transfer files and folders from the Dropbox folder to your My Documents directory. It works without having to install it on your computer and it has a very comprehensive and easy to use interface.

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Dropbox Folder Archiver

Quickly and easily transfer files to your computer or portable device.
Enter the data folder of the drive where Dropbox is installed on your computer, or the Dropbox folder in the default Windows directory.
Grab a whole bunch of files in one easy drag and drop.
Move files between Dropbox, your computer, and the cloud.
Sync any folders with Dropbox without copying the files.
*Note: If you have dropbox installed in a non-default directory, you’ll need to search for the dropbox directory.
Dropbox Folder Archiver Screenshots:


Dropbox Folder Archiver Screenshot

Dropbox Folder Archiver Testers :

Dropbox Folder Archiver 1.1.0 Windows Full Download

Download Link :

How to install Dropbox Folder Archiver on Windows 10/8.1/8/7

1. First, download “Dropbox Folder Archiver” from our site.

2. Then, right-click on it and install it. (It’s suggested that you install the application in the default document folder of Windows).

3. After the installation is complete, exit it.

4. Open the folder where Dropbox is installed and you will see a Dropbox icon beside it. In the folder, a Dropbox folder will also be created.

5. Copy the Dropbox folder (all its content) to your My documents folder or somewhere else on your computer. Open My documents and you will see the Dropbox folder which you created and it will have the same name as the Dropbox folder on the computer.

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