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KEYMACRO is a tool that lets you record and replay keyboard keystrokes.
It is important to know that the program supports the most popular keyboards on Windows PC’s and Mac OS X. However, it does not support the wireless keyboards and standard USB keyboard.
The primary feature that makes the program stand out is that it lets you record the keystrokes you type on your keyboard and then playback them at will. Therefore, you can use the recordings to improve your typing speed.
You should know that the application enables you to view the keyboard or share it with others if they are using a different type of keyboard.
Moreover, if you find that you are the one who writes the most, this application can help you boost your typing speed.
Thanks to this application, you can record the keystrokes you make while typing and review them later to increase your efficiency.
Furthermore, you can also analyze the keystrokes you make and figure out what elements of a sentence are the most frequent.
When using the application, you should know that it records your keystrokes only. This means that it cannot record the keyboard commands you use to open and close other applications.
Moreover, you cannot use this program to record and replay the keyboard commands you type in other programs such as the browser, text editor and file explorer.
KEYMACRO Pros and Cons:
1. KEYMACRO is not compatible with all Windows keyboard types
2. The program is not compatible with all the keyboard types on Mac
3. Cannot record the keyboard commands you type in other programs such as the browser, text editor and file explorer
4. Records the keystrokes only
5. Cannot record the keyboard commands you use in other programs

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Working on this for about 2 weeks… Shoutout to AirFi for their amazing wireless access point that allows me to stream, and record, from mobile devices at my house!
Blessings and Peace! -Evan

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Converts different text formats to TXT, HTML, EML, EMLX, EMLZ, or RTF, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, RTF, etc., and more.
TextStat can even send statistics to external programs such as Notepad++.
A flexible and convenient tool that will assist you in text conversion and statistics.
TextStat can convert various plain text formats.
TextStat can open and save a TXT document as a plain text file.
TextStat can analyze statistics on various plain text documents.
Convert various text files into a plain text format.
TextStat supports multilingual support.
Convert documents and data from any format into a TXT or HTML text format.
Let us know what you think about TextStat. If you have any problems, suggestions or tips, let us know about them. Feel free to leave a review or rate the program.
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