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Waypoint+ is a simple to use tool especially created to help you transfer data to and from your Garmin GPS receiver in a few simple steps without any hassle.
It’s a lightweight tool that displays a user-friendly interface and provides you with quick access to all its features. To start using the application the communications port has to be chosen from the GPS menu. It then automatically downloads the data it needs from the Garmin GPS receiver.
With Waypoint+ you are able to read and write waypoints, routes, almanac and tracks data in the application’s native format. It uses various data types such as latitude and longitude in both decimal degrees and degrees minutes. It also utilizes time and date, as well as description, names and the record type.
Adding waypoints is an easy task. You simply enter their name, latitude and longitude coordinates and a short description. All the created waypoints can then be viewed in a list and used to create a graphical representation.
Waypoint+ uses Waypoint, TrackPoint, RouteName and RoutePoint as its primary record types. It’s able to export waypoints and route data from SA3 and SA4 formats in a simple manner and then uploads them to you Garmin GPS receiver.
The added waypoints can be easily edited. The same goes for the routes. You can have them displayed graphically which makes it much easier to make any modifications you need. You are also provided with the options to track point labels and point colors, as well as to encode waypoints and route points as mapnotes.
To have the most appropriate visual representation of the waypoints and route points the application enables you to choose from different grid modes, enable or disable objects and even choose the printing orientation.
So, if you're looking for a simple means of uploading and downloading Garmin GPS receiver data, as well as write routes, then you should give Waypoint+ a try.







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O!Play HD2 is the first multimedia center which supports USB 3.0 on laptop. It connects to your PC and gives you all the space you need with the many possibilities of O!Play HD2 to store your multimedia contents.
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“xDisplay virtualization is a universal Xorg driver for the ATI Radeon video cards with “HDMI interface” to allow you to run multiple virtual monitors on a single physical display.”
Some usefull informations:
– the ATI Radeon video cards with “HDMI interface” that can be used with this driver, are the following : ATI HD4350, ATI HD5450, ATI HD5470, ATI HD5550, ATI HD5650, ATI HD5670, ATI HD5750, ATI HD5850, ATI HD6350, ATI HD6270, ATI HD6290, ATI HD6950, ATI HD6970, ATI HD6950.
– the menu options can be used to configure the following mode of operation :
– 1) Allows multiple display configurations through a virtual display for one physical display. (This is the default configuration).
– 2) Allows multiple display configurations through multiple virtual displays.
– 3) Configures a virtual display to the monitor framebuffer using PCI bus ID for each virtual display.
– 4) Allows multiple display configurations through multiple virtual displays that use PCI bus ID for each virtual display.
– 5) Allows multiple display configurations through multiple virtual displays that use specific virtual display number to specify the virtual display index, and PCI bus ID for each virtual display.
– 6) Allows multiple display configurations through multiple virtual displays that use PCI bus ID and specific virtual display number to specify the virtual display index, and PCI bus ID for each virtual display.
– 7) Allows multiple display configurations through multiple virtual displays with PCIe bus ID for each virtual display.
– 8) Allows multiple display configurations through multiple virtual displays with PCIe bus ID and specific virtual display number to specify the virtual display index, and PCIe bus ID for each virtual display.
– 9) Allows multiple display configurations through multiple virtual displays with PCIe bus ID and specific virtual display number to specify the virtual display index, and specific virtual display number to specify the virtual display index, and PCIe bus ID for each virtual display.
– 10) Allows multiple display configurations through multiple virtual

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EasyCrypt Free Download is a multilanguage file encryption software to keep secure data safe from prying eyes. With just a few mouse clicks you can protect files with AES 256-bit encryption and optionally choose to display an on-screen key to protect your data.
SafeData is a powerful compact, light, yet powerful data hiding & encryption software which allows you to:
Protect sensitive data such as pictures, documents, business data and contacts;
Encrypt any file to increase its security level.
Protect public and private data from unauthorized users.
Encrypt contacts on mobile devices.
Force removal of files that are encrypted.
Launch in two different modes:
To keep a copy of the data without encryption,
To encrypt the data.
EasyCrypt available in more than 100 languages, hence you can access it from any operating system.
Fast encryption and decryption.
EasyCrypt supports TrueCrypt volumes and can encrypt virtual hard disks on Windows and Linux.
Encryption can be turned on or off from within the menu by selection of an appropriate TrueCrypt volume, hence you can use it with almost any TrueCrypt software.
AES 256-bit encryption algorithm.
File decryption is possible in any TrueCrypt volumes.
Automatic incrementing of volume names.
Automatic creation of sub-volumes when needed.
Automatic encryption of volumes and creation of sub-volumes.
Auto-configuration of the input and output paths.
EasyCrypt utility is available in more than 100 languages.
Protection against search and recovery of files.
When encrypted files are deleted, they are actually removed from the media, but the old contents of the file remain so the user won’t notice anything is removed.
Trap when file is about to be deleted.
SafeData has implemented the Windows API “SetFilePointerEx” so all the changes and events in the file, like “Write” or “Delete” are detected.
The “SetFilePointerEx” is implemented so if you try to create or delete the files with a new location it will set the position to the end of the file, this will make the file unavailable for the user.
If the user unmounts the volume, SafeData will move the file back to the original location.
Download EasyCrypt SafeData

Esesto Description:
Safe data, hidden, secure, encrypted and secured data!

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Well, here is a great way to encrypt any files or folders. You can use almost any encryption algorithm that you may like.
And the best part is that you can choose any password for the encrypted file or folder. It’s completely free, easy-to-use and secure.
So, just imagine that you are about to send a secret file or folder via email. You are afraid that someone will read it in the process. You could even send it via carrier pigeon. However, sending over the internet is a better choice, but the big problem is that with the current technology it is really easy for someone to intercept your email in transit.
So, what to do? That is why the EasyCrypt comes to your rescue. It encrypts your file or folder using your selected password, and you can decide if you want to use your familiar password or the new password.
I will be discussing some cases in which the software can be of use to you in a bit more detail.
First, and most important, let us talk about a password that you have already used. For example, you have a master password which you use when accessing the system or unlocking your account. That is your primary password and it is always known to you.
You have a secondary or a third password which is easier to remember, but not as good. You can save a copy of these passwords in a safe place, but you may forget them or they may become corrupted.
You can also talk about a password that a competitor can try to crack when they have a copy of your old security system.
One can also talk about a password that has a value to an attacker and you do not really want to share it with him.
Let us now talk about a password that one of your loved ones has used. It is not good, but better than nothing.
Now, you think, “What about a social media password?”
You have a password for Facebook or another social network, but you often forget it and someone can easily find out your login information.
EasyCrypt allows you to encrypt files that you have stored on a disk or a CD. It can encrypt any size of files, such as zip, nt, cdrw, rar, 7z, doc, pdf, wma, wav, mp3, mp4, avi, and lots of other formats.
You can generate a password as you like, but you do not have to use any special characters. It does not

What’s New In?

EasyCrypt is a free software suite that aims at providing a secure and easy to use tool to encrypt and decrypt files and archives on your hard drive. The application was primarily developed for Windows users but can also be used on a Mac system through a port.
Encrypt and Decrypt Files
Since this is a fairly comprehensive solution, here we are focusing on the main features that cover the functions of encryption and decryption with the bulk of the options available in the different sections being covered in the third part of the review.
While most of the options we will be going over are hidden, it is possible to modify the options you wish to hide or show. The application also allows you to set up hidden folders where the files which are going to be encrypted or decrypted will be stored. It is possible to choose between a single-file and multiple-file mode.
You can also specify the maximum size for each file you want to add encryption to the folder by double-clicking the dialog that pops-up. Likewise, you can control the number of file parts or you can set the suffix for each part. The length of the suffix depends on the number of parts you specify.
When creating a file or setting up a folder, you have the choice of either storing the decryption key as an ASCII text file or using a password. You can save the location for the key and one for the encrypted files, as well as sort the locations in any order you wish.
As mentioned, the main program is specifically developed to provide encryption and decryption tools for your Windows system. You are also able to use the application on a Mac OS X system with only a few minor changes. Unfortunately, we were unable to test the Mac version of the software so you can only find out for yourself how the Mac version performs.
Besides the ability to encrypt and decrypt, the application comes with a file manager and a file editor, both of which are pretty helpful for beginners. The latter allows you to view and edit the encrypted or decrypted files. However, the file manager is a little less advanced than the one included with WinZip and WinRar, as only a few basic features are available.
When we tested the EasyCrypt software, the configuration screen was intuitive and easy to use with the drop-down boxes making it easy to make adjustments.
We were pleasantly surprised by how well the application worked and still we have a couple of things we would like to change. In the encryption section, we would like to

System Requirements For EasyCrypt:

Requires a 32-bit Intel CPU and a 64-bit AMD CPU.
OS Requirements:
Windows 7 or later
Windows version
To install Mac version, you need to purchase via the App Store.
If you purchase by downloading the app store link, please turn off automatic downloads.
Please note that the app store version is the same app as the normal version.
App version
The app version is the same as the app store version, but for a limited time, you can enjoy a