WILLIE Theme ( Waterfall )

By Wieland ( www.planet-geek.de ) and to.wonderland.de

Waterfall theme by to.wonderland.de
Download at:
Key Macro: Waterfall
Theme Compatible:

Treefall Waterfall

by Starfire ( www.planet-geek.de )

Treefall Waterfall theme by Starfire ( www.planet-geek.de )
I want to congratulate the developers of this beautiful theme, but I must admit that I was a little disappointed when I first saw the download page. The description of the theme did not say at all what the theme actually is. I still think it’s pretty nice and here is my review:

Amitra Theme

by amitra

Amitra is a nice and bright theme, created by amitra. This theme creates a great desktop with its attractive look, and it also has a bright color contrast. It uses a mixture of different colors, creating a very strong contrast.


Liquid Highlight Waterfall

by Thomas B. ( www.planet-geek.de )

Liquid Highlight Waterfall is a dark theme that highlights the liquid applications of your computer, for example, OpenOffice.org, OpenVAS, OpenAVI etc. etc. It is compatible with any variation of Xfce.

Waterfall Look

by Lea F. ( www.planet-geek.de )

Waterfall Look is a dark desktop theme with no transparency. Waterfall Look will not appeal to everyone, but its simplicity is very attractive. Although it is black and white, it has an elegant feel.

Waterfall Effects

by Beeb ( www.planet-geek.de )

Waterfall Effects is a decent but also not really eye-catching desktop theme with an interesting water effect. However, it also does not contain much wallpaper. It has a pretty light background and has a black edge, so the theme is just not as interesting as it might seem.

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Process command in a general-purpose macro language and use a mouse-like input device to provide automation of any Windows GUI task.
• Keymacro requires the following:
• Microsoft.NET Framework (minimum version 2.0)
• Windows XP (with SP2)
• All Windows applications that can receive keyboard input. For example, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Internet Explorer Navigation Bar all accept keyboard input.
• Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) installed
Keymacro can automate any Windows GUI application. If the program can receive keyboard input, Keymacro will be able to automate it.
Keymacro has a dialog-based user interface. When a command is executed, a pop-up menu will appear with the command’s title and any additional command-line arguments.
Keymacro’s user interface is intended to be dynamic. For example, new commands and options can be added or existing commands can be renamed.
Keymacro can be used in conjunction with scripting. In this case, Keymacro would be used for simple automation, and a scripting language such as VBScript, AutoIt, or JScript would be used for complex automation.
Keymacro runs in kernel mode and does not require elevation of user privileges.
Keymacro uses a basic general-purpose macro language. An example of Keymacro code is provided at the end of this document. Keymacro is a dialect of a popular macro language called AutomationStudio’s CreateMacro.
In addition, Keymacro uses the following keywords:
• macros – Keymacro macros
• parameters – Keymacro parameters
• items – Keymacro items
Keymacro macros are enclosed in double quotes (““). These macros can be identified and modified using a special syntax. Keymacro provides options for using line breaks or new lines (enter) for a macro. The line breaks and new lines (enter) are similar to those used in Windows.
Macro arguments and any items enclosed within the macro can be identified using the following keywords:
• parameters – Keymacro parameters
• items – Keymacro items
The following list shows the macros available in Keymacro.
macro additem “Adds an item to the listview control. This command will have the same effect as the items of the listview control as if they were added one at a time.”
macro addparam