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The Legends of Elden Ring is the only online action RPG that is being developed in a collaboration between the team that developed the Deception IV series and the team that created and produced the Fire Emblem series. This online role-playing game is being developed for Windows PC (via Steam) and the PlayStation 4.

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Eoghan: Firstly, I’d like to say that I enjoyed the Elden Ring demo very much, and the story and dialogue kept me interested throughout. So, I’d like to know, how have you implemented the themes of grace into the game?

Aoyama: Right from the start, one of the main themes of the game is grace, and many of the main characters have the theme of grace as their guiding principle. We have events within the game that progress according to the will of the light, and we encourage the player to observe and learn about the balance of grace, as well as their own nature.

▼ The main character, Sara, is a devout practice of the prayers of light, and she is able to feel the wish of the grace flowing from the light.

Eoghan: The themes of grace seem to be woven throughout the game, at times I found myself expecting something in particular, as if you’d planned it from the start.

Aoyama: Something that we want the player to feel is that even though there are many different things going on in the game, the world of the Lands Between is a place that is overflowing with growth and expansion, where you can observe and learn about the balance of grace. By supporting this, we hope the player can meet with the grace of the game and feel as though they are immersed within it.

Eoghan: What sort of events occurs during this expansion?

Aoyama: At the beginning, we have the events that start the story of the protagonist, Sara, which include the events where she obtains the dress of light. We also have events that occur at the beginning of each map as you explore it, where we introduce the various types of monsters that you will face.

Eoghan: As I would imagine, once you’ve discovered the dress of light, you’ll be able to see powerful guardians that have been concealed by the curse. Will there be a sense of hostility in battles with


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Explore a vast world.
  • Create your own character.
  • An Epic Drama.
  • A New fantasy RPG.

    RPG elements:

    – Unique online play that loosely connects you to other players.

    – Customize the appearance of your character.

    – The game’s lore is a blend of folklores of Eastern Asian countries.

    – Build your own character in a web-based RPG game.

    – An even larger world to explore than in traditional offline RPGs.

    – A huge number of players to meet and interact with.

    – Decorate your house, undergo complicated and challenging quests.

    – Change the game to your liking.

    – Increase your level to unlock additional weapons and armors.

    – A long story of hundreds of thousands of words.

    – Mission system supporting your curiosity to reveal the entire story of the game.

    RPG elements 2:

    – A download only game

    – Play once in one login

    – PlayStation 4 exclusive product

    – PlayStation 4 Pro support with 1080p resolution.

    RPG elements 3:

    – Customize your character with hundreds of unique combinations of weapons and armors; and even sell them all.

    – A huge amount of players and thousands of towns and dungeons await.

    – Relive the history in a vast world!

    – High dedication to game content and lore in a densely explored world.

    – An amazing variety of enemies to try to defeat!

    – A grand old fantasy novel.


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    Elden Ring [Mac/Win] Latest

    – “Overall, the title has a large map and is filled with challenging content, so prepare yourself to fight with the toughest monsters.”

    – “I found it to be the best multiplayer RPG I’ve played in a very long time.”

    – “The only downside is the limited loading times during battles, but for a 2D player, this is a small but unfortunately frequent issue.”

    – “Elden Ring is a game that truly shines with the limitless exploration and exploration-based combat. In the limited time I was able to play, I recommend that fans of RPGs with fast-paced battles and fighters with a diverse roster of moves take a look.”

    – “Elden Ring has brought the genre to life, whether you’re an RPG veteran or a new to the genre, find a reason to play this game.”

    – “It’s a must-play for any fan of this niche genre.”

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    NO UPDATES YET, but I have been getting things done.
    – Fixed bug that prevented the ATE equipped weapon from doing critical damage
    – Fixed bug that sometimes caused the player to lose the item in the load out screen
    – Deleted the segment of the customization page where your character name was being used instead of your name
    – Updated the intended function of the button to the left of the name list on the customization page
    – Added a recommendation for other players
    – Revised the first impression
    – Removed the loading time
    – Corrected and enriched the tutorial
    – Updated the used items page
    – Adjusted the button for saving the state and adding achievements
    – More accuracy on game feedback
    – Added a more dynamic sound effect
    – Added a tutorial for tutorial
    – Fixed the Xbox controller configuration so that it works for both Japanese and English versions
    – Introduced the function of creating a profile in the game
    – Added a tutorial to help players create a profile.
    – Fixed some bugs in the tutorial
    – Implemented a tutorial for Fire Mode
    – Implemented a tutorial for purchasing DLC
    – Improved the changing of colors
    – Added a tutorial for buying DLC
    – Improved the tutorial for the changing of the colors
    – Implemented


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    How to Play ELDEN RING game:

    How to Play ELDEN RING game:

    The game’s features:

    1. A wide variety of new scenes and storylines
    In order to create a gameplay that is as dynamic as possible, we incorporated many new elements. These include numerous new scenes and storylines to be experienced while playing. There is also a wide variety of characters and background music that reflect the motif of the scenes.
    2. Endless New Gameplay Elements
    Even while continuing to evolve, we created a variety of new gameplay elements from the concept of “Next Time” that will induce a high sense of surprise. We had thoroughly tested all of these elements and consider them indispensable for “Next Time.”
    3. Clash Confession system
    This system, which allows you to freely exchange information and a sense of excitement with your party in real-time, was designed to be more intuitive and easy-to-use.
    4. Backstory System
    With this system, you can unlock background information about the characters, complete quests, and gain EXP. As a player who previously played games that lacked backstory elements, we wanted to change that. With the backstory system, we created a map that displays the background information of the characters and items, and that allows you to directly experience the atmosphere of the land.
    5. New Characters
    The characters in “Next Time” are all original and have unique traits. It is now possible to create a party with a variety of characters and develop your team as your play style changes.
    6. More Characters
    Two new classes have also been added that are optimized for the new version.
    7. More Background Music and Interactive Intro
    We added a new theme song and an intro screen.
    8. A new Expansion of the Graphics
    We added new graphics for the game map and characters.
    9. Increased AI Abilities
    In accordance with the new version, the AI of the monster enemies has increased to the maximum.
    10. Additional Quests
    There is a variety of side quests to be completed in addition to the main story.
    “Next Time,” the latest version of “Elden Ring” with a special “new style game”


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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