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Keymacro is a key remapping utility. With it you can remap any keys on your keyboard to any you wish.
KEYMEP enables you to get full control of your keyboard while you play or record any game. Besides that, you can trigger any function with one key.
You can record your actions and automate your gameplay.
KEYSHOW Description:
Keyshow is a tool for optimizing games and software.
Its key has the ability to identify any specific key on the keyboard and create a macro that is assigned to that key. You can assign a completely new key to each command so you can use the program to create any number of macros for any key on the keyboard.
KEYBAT Description:
Keybat is a keyboard monitoring software that works with multiple computers and mobile devices. This utility is designed to keep you notified whenever someone tries to log on your computer. The application lets you block unauthorized users from entering your system and you can easily reset the password from any remote location.
KEYLIST Description:
Keylist is a tool for keeping track of all the key presses you perform on your keyboard. This program enables you to automatically save all the actions you perform on your keyboard and edit them later on.
You can choose your own keystroke to perform the saved action. Besides that, you can view every key press in the list for a specific period and use any image as a background.
Keylist is a simple utility for power users who are looking for a better way to keep track of keystrokes performed on their keyboard. In short, if you love to keep a personal record of all the keys you press, you can use this free utility to do that.
KEYMATCH Description:
Keymatch is a tool for analyzing a keystroke.
This tool allows you to check all the characters that you press on your keyboard and you can use any image as a background.
KEYMATCH is a simple but effective program for people who want to analyze the keystrokes they perform.
KEYEMPTION Description:
Keyemption is a unique program that enables you to create and export playlists of any type on your computer. By simply importing the key recordings you’ve created, the application will allow you to create a playlist for any media format including 3GP, FLV, MP4, MKV, M4A, MOV, MP3, OGG, WAV, and WMA.
As it is possible to export your playlists as individual files, 84e02134c1

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This program is part of the.NET Framework and is not provided by Microsoft. Base 64 Encryptor is a free software application from the personal &…

Txt – Document Editor

The first thing you’ll notice when you open the software is its focus on simplicity. The application works on the principle of using as few windows as possible, and all the necessary settings are clearly visible in the default layout. It also supports all the most popular file types, and supports text, rtf, and rich text documents. Even better, you can import documents directly from Word, Outlook, Excel, and many other software applications.
Another important aspect of this program is the use of special characters. With Txt you can edit text files using the following characters:
26 Latin letters
112 symbols
14 non-English languages
All this makes Txt perfect for handling certain documents.
Txt – Document Editor – Main features
The program offers four main features. To begin with, there is Import/Export which allows you to import and export data from all the available document types. Txt features word, rtf, and rich text document editing, and even supports HTML documents.
The second feature is Security, which allows you to password protect documents. You can add as many passwords as needed and then you can print or save the encrypted version with the built-in password manager. The ability to save documents encrypted is also supported by the Password Viewer, which is very useful if you have forgotten the password.
The third feature is Bookmarks, which lets you save multiple bookmarks within a text document. Bookmarks are extremely useful if you have multiple documents to view. You can also use this feature to rename the documents and easily find documents by their name.
The fourth and last feature is Formatting, which allows you to modify the text appearance of the document. You can set fonts, text size, text alignment, and even apply bold and underline styles to the text.
Txt – Document Editor – License:
Txt is the property of Micro Systems Development Ltd. This software is distributed as freeware.
Txt – Document Editor – System Requirements:
In order to use Txt you need to install the.NET Framework 4.0 (Windows Vista/Windows 7).

Microsoft Text Templating Language (MTTL).NET Templates Pack

Microsoft Text Templating Language (MTTL) is a scripting language for Office products, offering a unified and flexible environment for writing