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With this software, you can generate custom keyboard macros, and then the user can define their own sequence of keyboard macros easily. It is very convenient for the user.
Keyboard macros can not only act as hotkeys, but also execute functions, which can implement completely new operation interface for your software, and provide a powerful debugging tool for programmers.
Keyboard Macro Editor is the program to edit Windows-style keyboard macros. Keyboard macros are created in the form of text strings. These text strings are called macros.
With keyboard macros, you can program shortcuts for the programs, documents and other windows. You can program the macros for all windows on your computer, or for a specific window. To program a keyboard macro, open Keyboard Macro Editor, double-click on the toolbar button Add a Macro, and then select one of the available categories on the menubar.
KEYMACRO Features:
KEYMACRO Features:
1. Create the Windows-style keyboard macros.
2. Keyboard macros can act as hotkeys.
3. Keyboard macros can execute functions, which can implement completely new operation interface for your software.
4. You can create your own custom keyboard macros.
5. You can execute any sequence of keyboard macros easily.
6. Import the macros from other Keyboard Macro Editor, Key Macro Editor and many other keyboard macros tools.
7. Export the macros to other keyboard macros tools.
8. Run multiple macros sequentially or run them together.
9. Undo and Redo shortcuts.
10. Choose the application to run macros.
11. Choose the module to run macros.
12. Keyboard macros are saved automatically, and the file can be synchronized easily.
13. KeyMACRO gives you a frame window to show the macros and function calls.
14. Keyboard macros can be configured easily.
15. Support Microsoft keyboard language and several other Windows keyboard languages.
16. Support the following languages: english, english_uk, finnish, french, portuguese, german, spanish, italian, russian, dutch, japanese, czech, slovak, korean, hungarian, cyrillic, polish, greek, bulgarian, hebrew, latin, romanian, turkish, afrikaans, vietnamese, thai, arabic, serbian, r d82f892c90

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KEYMACRO is a tool that makes it possible for you to create macros from pre-defined actions using Windows’ Keyboards.
What is a Macro
Macros are small pieces of code that will be automatically run on a regular basis. These operations can be triggered by any event, such as an application launching, a user activity or a periodic event.
The Macros
The tool allows you to create a Macro that is activated upon execution and which can be assigned to one of the predefined events. Once activated, the code is executed automatically and the operation can be executed multiple times.
The Macros
With KeyMACRO, you are enabled to create your own Macros by executing various predefined actions and assigning them to different events. These actions are defined using a programming language called key programming.
Macros can be used to automate repetitive tasks, adding a little more efficiency to your daily routine. You can even use them to create your own shortcuts.
KeyMACRO Program Features:
View, create and run Macros via command-line.
Manage and edit Macros via Windows Registry.
Binary files (.exe) are supported as the target to be Macros.
The application can be set to run automatically on login or on a pre-defined time.
The target can be any.exe file or program created with the application.
The application runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.
Macro definitions are saved and can be exported to *.txt or *.bin files.
KeyMACRO Basic Features:
Create and modify Macros.
Macro details displayed in an easy to read format.
You can view, save and export macros to *.bin or *.txt files.
Export to *.txt files allows users to share macros with others.
When saving macros, all the information such as the description, command-line parameters, macros that run it, timers, status of being run etc are saved into.txt files.
Editing, saving and loading macros.
Macro definitions are written using the key programming language.
The application can load macros from.txt or.bin files and save them to the same locations.
When loading macros, all the data is saved into the application.
The macros can be run once, every time the user opens the application, or every time the application starts up.
All macros can be edited and modified using the.reg files.
KeyMACRO Main Features:
Create Macros and