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* ** _The Resource menu_**. This menu, shown in Figure 2-3, provides direct access to many Photoshop resources. If you’ve ever taken a class and used the handout or textbook, this menu probably looks familiar. It contains the file exchange, the instructors’ workbook, and an instructional DVD.

If you’re a new user, it’s a good way to start your Photoshop experience. As you become more familiar with the program, you can return to this menu to easily access more tutorials, download new plug-ins, or upload your own digital images.

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Best Photoshop elements App

Both Photoshop and Elements have the ability to enhance images, create new ones, and combine them into one. However, they also have their flaws.

Whether you want to create new images, edit the ones you have, or get your hands on all the latest memes and captions, Photoshop, Elements or both, you need to be as efficient as possible with their features.

These are the apps that are considered the best Photoshop elements alternative by users.


For years, GIMP has remained a popular alternative to Photoshop among photographers, graphic designers, web designers, and hobbyists.

It is a free graphics editor for desktop computers. It can apply filters and effects, apply a wide range of different types of editing and operations.

GIMP can, however, sometimes be difficult to use because of the amount of features it has and the lack of a manual.

GIMP can edit images of any type as long as they don’t exceed 2,048 x 2,048 pixels or 1GB in size.

Therefore, it is ideal for web design, graphic design, video editing, and photography where images need to be large or the user does not have the time to clean up an image manually.

2. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is a free photo editor. It is one of the many photo editors that don’t require much to download and run, let alone make complicated adjustments in multiple layers.

However, its most outstanding features are the number of quality tools it has to handle graphics in the right format.

It is ideal for editing photos that are in JPEG or PNG format. Its interface is simple to use and it does a lot with few instructions.

3. Fotor

Fotor is a free photo editor. It has been around for many years and is one of the most popular photo editing apps for smartphones.

It is often a good alternative for Photoshop, except that the user interface is different and functions are a little less precise.

It can do basic retouching, crops, rotations, and other basic changes. However, it can be quite annoying to use because there is no way of viewing the results of its editing before continuing.

There is a manual if the user needs to edit an image of any length.

4. Paint.NET

Pain.NET is a photo editor

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jQuery Selector To retrieve a value from an array

Hello I’m trying to save a value in a variable using jQuery.
Here is my code:
if(element.val() == ”){

where the variable time.second is an array of jsons, and it’s exactly the same format as this one:
“time”: {

And the element is:


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You’re invited to test for an army of new bugs and show the world how to use your computer. Windows 7 is scheduled for release on April 29th, and it’s going to be a big one. Why? Because the software itself will be a big one. That’s right, no fancy UI or animations, just a clean, streamlined UI that’s easy to understand. The OS will feature a revised file manager and an expanded taskbar.

Microsoft will also release Windows 7 Pro and Home editions which will bring with them a new level of support and services. All versions of the OS will be loaded with lots of new technologies, but Windows 7 Home Edition will be especially exciting because it will be “all free.” Specifically, Home will be free of the annoying, unneeded upgrade prompts that have become common in the last few Windows releases. While there will be a software key necessary to get access to the Windows OS, all new PCs purchased this year will ship with the OS pre-loaded. Home users will even be able to download upgrades directly from Microsoft, without having to pay for them.

Along with the updated OS will be an updated UI, codenamed “Luna” that feels more Windows-like than Windows Vista. The OS will also include a new look for Start Menu and the classic desktop. It looks like the start button will be rediscovered, and app icons will look more like the OS X “mini-icons.” Customizing the look of your Windows desktop will be a little bit easier now, too. Microsoft has released a preview of a new theme, style and color palette pack that’s similar to the OS X Aqua look.

The company also promised updated versions of its Office suite. We’ll have more on that when it’s released.

Are you excited to try out Windows 7? What are you looking forward to? Tell us in the comments.Times Talk About the Gay/Lesbian issue and the question of “what can be said?”


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