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Calculate HMAC (Hashed Message Authentication Code) with key K, message M and a hash algorithm H. The key K is inserted in the message M. H is a hash function such as MD5, SHA1 or SHA256 and is repeated to get several hash results. HMAC results are the sums of these results. Typically, a key K is provided in the form of a fixed array. K can also be provided as text (key name, key description, key type) or a key file. The main advantage of HMAC is that it is a strong cryptographic hash function and that its results are completely deterministic and not influenced by the message or the key. HMAC is sometimes called a Pseudo-Random Function, though it is not designed to generate uniformly distributed results. HMAC uses a hash function to create a message digest or hash value, which is called a message authentication code. The hashing process can be extended to hash a message M that consists of M followed by the key K. The value of HMAC is obtained by summing the hash of the message M with the key K using a hash function H. The first message digest of the message M, is hM, and the second message digest is calculated as: hK ( M, H) = H(M K) and is also called HMAC.

Double byte character in UTF-8 can be stored in a single byte character in UTF-32, and vice-versa. With this in mind, certain encoding problems are likely to arise when working with bytes in C#, such as the problem known as cross-byte code issues.
In the following tutorial, you’ll discover how to solve this issue using the Unicode surrogate pair approach.

Step 1

The first step is to make sure that the compiler is set to a version of Unicode that supports Unicode 7.0. This includes Unicode 6.0 or Unicode 7.0. If you need to use a previous version of Unicode, the main difference will be to modify the default for language parameters in the compiler. If you have both Unicode 6.0 and Unicode 7.0, you need to be sure that the compiler is set to Unicode 7.0 and if it is not, you need to add the Language parameter in the following way:


Language=� 384a16bd22

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When you run the ShellRun.exe program, it displays a small window. This window contains information such as the name of the document that will be displayed. The URL of the web page or file will be shown in a popup window if AutoPlay is turned on.
The CD-ROM drive icon appears on the taskbar to remind you of your CD-ROM drive.
To display the next web page from a CD-ROM, click ShellRun.
A menu will open with the choices: “ShellRun.exe – AutoPlay”, “ShellRun.exe – Run URL” and “ShellRun.exe – Run document”
Click “ShellRun.exe – Run URL” to display a URL in the browser. For example, click ShellRun.exe and click a website.
You can then click the “Ctrl + Enter” button to bookmark the website.
If AutoPlay is enabled, ShellRun will try to find a suitable viewer program to display your document. If the program is not found, ShellRun will display a small pop-up window.
The ShellRun.exe program asks Windows to start the browser if AutoPlay is enabled.
URL Description:
The URL is the address of the web page that you want to display.
You can change this URL by changing the field in the configuration.
Document Description:
This is the name of the document that you want to display.
The default is the name of the current document.
Additional Information:
To uninstall ShellRun, you must delete the version of ShellRun.exe on the CD.
We strongly recommend that you not delete this file until you have created a backup of it.
This product does not contain any end-user license agreement (EULA). You may use the ShellRun.exe runtime without restriction. The EXE is in the “Redistributable Files” folder in the development kit.
This software and/or hardware is subject to one or more patents held by Advanced Digital Systems, Inc.

Advanced Digital Systems, Inc.
Advanced Digital Systems, Inc. is a privately held corporation dedicated to helping users enjoy their computers.
Advanced Digital Systems, Inc. develops innovative software products and provides hardware for a new generation of computing.
It is licensed by EMC Software Corporation to develop and distribute Windows CD-ROMs that run off of EMC’s UNIX based operating system.
Advanced Digital Systems, Inc. may have a website at www.advanceddigital.