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Doors Console is a freeware software that is designed to be lightweight and easy-to-install as well as easy-to-use. In addition to opening the command prompt, Doors Console will also repair / re-enable the Command Prompt if disabled, for example; by malware.

Windows XP/Vista/7.
Free (don’t send any email to you).
Hide in the tray icon.
Up to 80% faster than other Windows apps for opening a command prompt.
Open the command prompt without a full start-up of Windows.
Repair Command Prompt Disabled by Malware.
Install & Run Command Prompt without Admin Right.
Configurable Tray Icon.
Install & Run Command Prompt without Admin Right.
Auto-Detect & Fix Malware Issues.
Support Many Languages.


A native Linux command line is not available on Windows, but you can use a Wine app.

Pulmonary inflammatory response in mice infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv during treatment with the chemokine MCP-1.
To investigate the effects of the chemokine macrophage chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) on the development of tuberculosis (TB) in mice, B10.Q mice infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv were treated with MCP-1 via aerosol. MCP-1 treatment was initiated at the time of infection and continued for six weeks. After this time, all mice were killed and their lungs were examined histologically and for bacilli and cellularity by light microscopy. MCP-1 treatment increased the severity of the inflammatory response in the lungs of infected mice. Furthermore, the response appeared to be associated with an increase in the frequency of cells with intracellular bacilli. MCP-1 treatment also reduced the number of bacilli in the lung by 3.6 log(10) CFU at three weeks after infection and resulted in delayed disease progression. These data suggest that MCP-1 may play a role in determining the pathogenesis of pulmonary TB in mice.Among other impressive features, back when they were still silent, mice could communicate using ultrasonic pulses. These pulses were so high in frequency that they would not be reflected off the teeth, nor off the bones of the mice, instead they would be reflected off the skull and eea19f52d2

IP-Tools is a tool that allows you to view, manipulate and monitor various network connections. The main purpose of the program is to retrieve information from the network and from the Internet.
As you can see in the screenshot below, the application displays the current status of the network.

The application displays the current network connections, the IP addresses, the MAC addresses of the computers connected to the network, the wireless networks and their signal strength.
You can change the colors of the connections and the IP addresses to increase their visibility.

IP-Tools can be used to see the computer’s IP addresses and the status of the network. Additionally, the program can be configured to monitor a certain IP address in order to see if it can be accessed.
IP-Tools Features:
1. IP Address and Network Monitoring
The application will display the IP addresses and network status from a PC, or a router, or a firewall, or any other network device.
It’s recommended to use the IP-Tools to troubleshoot the network. It’s like a TCP/IP detective.
2. Scan IP Addresses
You can scan any IP address from any other IP address by using the “Search” feature of IP-Tools. If it is a valid IP address, then the program will display all the IP addresses that it owns to it. If the IP address is not a valid IP address, the program will display “Not Found” in the status column.
3. URL Scanners
You can scan URLs from a web server in real time. By doing so, the program will display all the open web servers and their ports.
4. SNMP Scanners
You can scan SNMP information (IP addresses and corresponding OIDs). The program will display all the SNMP devices connected to a network.
5. Interface
It’s possible to select the remote IP addresses and the connections from which you would like to retrieve the information.
6. Add URL or IP
You can insert the IP address or the URL manually.
7. Save
You can save the current status to a file.
8. Run as a stand-alone application
If you would like to have a more intuitive interface, then you can start IP-Tools as a stand-alone application. The main window will be minimized and you can enter the IP address that you would like to check.
9. Multi-threading
IP-Tools allows the simultaneous access to remote IP addresses or URLs.