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If you’re a type designer, you may choose Illustrator for the depth it provides as a drawing application. It was created back in the ’80s by Adobe, and it can create vector artwork based on the drawing points, lines, and the paths that Illustrator can define.

Illustrator also includes a variety of tools that enable you to create vector graphics that, when printed, reproduce exactly what you draw. Print or export of high-resolution vector graphics has become necessary in the world of graphic design.

You can achieve much more with Illustrator than you can with PowerPoint and Photoshop, but it’s a bit more difficult to learn and is also less user-friendly.

Type designer John Font are excellent tutorials on Illustrator.

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Photoshop Elements is the first full version of Photoshop. The program allows you to edit and create images, create web pages, use photo collages, crop images, and create graphics. Photoshop Elements is also available for Apple Macs.

Updating Photoshop

Your operating system should be updated to the latest version. Photoshop should be updated to the latest version.

Installing Photoshop Elements

Installing Photoshop Elements for Windows

Download and run the file PhotoshopElements17.exe.

Click Next, then follow the on-screen steps to install the program.

Installing Photoshop Elements for Mac

Download and run the file PhotoshopElements17.mpkg or PhotoshopElements17.dmg.

Click Install, then follow the on-screen steps to install the program.

If you run into problems, see the Install Photoshop ELS help file.

Using Photoshop Elements

If you are using the Mac version of Photoshop Elements, the program contains the following Photoshop Elements buttons:

Photoshop Elements image editing tools

Photoshop Elements layout tools

Photoshop Elements resources, including Help

Photoshop Elements menus

Save your work.

Photoshop Elements workspace

The workspace contains all of the editing, designing, and layout tools. You access the workspace by clicking the name of the workspace at the top of the screen (eg. Elements).

You can store your work in the workspace and edit the work later.

The workspace automatically stores the latest open page, or document.

Photoshop Elements workspace with page open

Image editing tools

The image editing tools contain most of the features that you would expect from Photoshop.

These tools are:

Layer panel, including the layer style tools

Brush tool

Gradient tool

Filled and shaped selections

Pencil tool

Eraser tool


Undo and Redo buttons

The shape tools including Transform, Warp, and Perspective tools

3D tools including Rotate, Perspective, and Move 3D tools

Color tools including Levels and Curves tools

Image editing tools

The image editing tools include the following items:

Photoshop Elements tools

The Photoshop Elements tools, including the Paintbrush tool, Pencil tool, Free Transform tool, and Color Picker tool, are also found in Photoshop.

Add text to your image

Photoshop Retouching Actions Free Download

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System Requirements:

Supported: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Graphics: DirectX 11
CPU: AMD A-Series, AMD FX-Series, Intel HD 4000, Intel HD 5000, Intel HD 6000, Intel HD 7000, Intel HD 8000, Intel HD 9000, Intel HD 9200, Intel HD Graphics 3000, Intel HD Graphics 4000, Intel HD Graphics 5000, Intel HD Graphics 6000, Intel HD Graphics 7000, Intel HD Graphics 8000, Intel HD Graphics 9200, Intel Iris Graphics
Minimum system requirements for game’s recommended settings:
Windows 10